5 Of The Best (and most experienced) Sutherland Shire Electricians

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sutherland shire electricians

This means up to 1800 house fires each year could have been prevented by getting the wiring checked by a licensed electrician and having safety switches installed. 

It certainly isn't worth putting yourself, your family, and your property at risk by hiring the wrong people. In this article we've compiled our top five most experienced licensed electricians servicing the the Sutherland Shire and surrounding suburbs.

For more information on Electrical Safety in your home visit https://www.nsw.gov.au/topics/electrical-safety/in-the-home

Best Electricians in the Sutherland Shire

Endless Electrical

When selecting an electrician, we all want someone who is honest and values reliability. The Endless Electrical team pride themselves on being a service you can depend on. They have the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out and finish any electrical job.

Endless specialise in:

They are known around town to get the job done promptly.

The team caters to both residential and commercial electrical needs. What is best about them is that they have already established a great reputation amongst their clients. This includes local businesses within Sutherland Shire and the surrounding suburbs. 

Their accreditation with Master Electricians Australia demonstrates their commitment to the quality of their workmanship and consideration of the Australian Standards

Some of their clients are the Common Ground Cafe in Hurstville Westfields, The Salon in Double Bay, and The Project Glenelg, Sutherland. Contact them now for a quotation.

Tel: 0433 314 392
E: info@endlesselectrical.com.au

WattsNext Electrical

Want an electrician who has a perfect 5-star Google rating? Well, this is your lucky day as we will introduce to you one of the best electrical services in Sydney that is already proven and tested.  If you have high expectations for an electrician, then the WattsNext crew is the right team for you.

In fact, they already have many satisfied clients that are very happy with the outcome of their job. Check out some of their glowing reviews here >>>

The entire team isn't just a bunch of electricians. They are professionals that are dedicated to their job and bring smiles to every customer that they serve. 

They offer personalised electrical services that will match whatever situation you are in. Plus, the WattsNext crew will come to the rescue in times of electrical emergencies.

If you're looking for professional and quality workmanship at a competitive price with some amazing local testimonials, you should call Mitchell and his team now and request a quote.

Available 24 Hours 7 Days
E - info@wattsnextelectrical.com.au
Call 0416 796 614
Emergency Electrician

Yak Electrical

Yak Electrical consists of three professional electricians led by Tommy, who has over a decade's worth of experience. When he’s not busy on the job, you’ll find him at the gym, whipping up a HelloFresh meal or, kicking the footy around with the ‘Mini Yaks’ !

From switch board upgrades, neon signs, under floor heating, TV/DATA and lighting. The Yak team is your one-stop shop for ALL your local electrical needs.

This Sutherland Shire based electrical company prides themselves on building long-term local relationships with their customers by providing the best service, a trustworthy team, and high quality electrical work. 

Check out some of their positive testimonials here.
Contact Tommy now and book an appointment with them. The friendly staff will be happy to have a chat with you. 

CALL: 0421 637 895

ZipZap Electrical

If you are looking for a team of electricians with a significant amount of experience in the Sutherland Shire, then ZipZap Electrical will be the perfect team for you. With over 20 years of experience, Daniel, Brad, and the entire ZipZap team have already serviced hundreds of thousands of households and commercial spaces in the Sutherland Shire. 

They specialise in:

Not only do they have a long list of happy customers over the decades, but they also have a proven record of achieving results. So why should you really choose the ZipZap team?

We’re Neat & Tidy Electricians

"We won’t leave your work space in a mess. We always clean up after ourselves."

Innovative & Can-Do Attitude

"What ever the needs are we will work with you to successfully deliver your project."

Dependable & Trustworthy

"We have the experience to take care of your Electrical needs. We are always on time, reliable and highly efficient."

Your Safety Comes First

"We pride ourselves on our safety measures, strictly following Work Health & Safety Policies. Our Electrical safety record is flawless."

The ZipZap Electrical team will surely deliver whatever electrical projects you have in mind no matter how big or small. So, if you want to work with an industry-leading team, contact ZipZap now and discuss your project with the crew.

Dan - 0416 767 668
Brad - 0402 779 835
E-mail admin@zipzapelectrical.com

Doyle Electrical

Doyle Electrical specialise in construction, maintenance, emergency call outs, audio, security, and insurance claims. The team also performs routine electrical maintenance for commercial and residential properties. In addition, Doyle Electrical opens its lines 24/7 for any emergencies related to electricity. 

Check out these successful projects around the Sutherland Shire and surrounding suburbs. For any enquiries or a quote, please call Shane directly on 0478 087 953

Office: (02) 9188 7288