Are you a local business working on a network? How are you keeping your data safe?


As a business, you handle both your own and your clients’ data.  It could be basic name and address; or more complex information relating to financials, behaviours, or even sensitive or medical information.  It’s important to your business. It’s important to your clients that it is kept safe.


But doing keeping it secure should be trouble-free, simple and easy; and most of all trustworthy.  


Cisco Meraki is a “plugin and play” network solution for all your devices.  It’s a great fit, one-stop solution allowing you to manage both your wired and wireless networks from a cloud-based platform.


Who is it for?


It’s great for any business, large or small, who are looking to lower costs and have all their technology in one place.  


Why should I choose Cisco Meraki as my system manager?


  1. By leaning on SD-WAN technology, it makes your IT systems more efficient as well as resilient and secure.  Plus, together, will reduce your costs.

  2. Everything is included.  No need to juggle a variety of solutions, this is your one-stop-shop.  You can run analytics, troubleshoot and monitor your systems all in one place.

  3. Since it is entirely managed on the cloud, it saves you time and money.

  4. The system looks after itself through self-provisioning technology.

  5. The Auto-VPN allows you to monitor the system’s performance in real time, giving you accurate data and analytics.

  6. The Cisco Meraki dashboard also gives you real-time security reports.

  7. It’s safe and secure.  The system automatically filters content to ensure nothing inappropriate gets through.

  8. Plus, it also boasts Advanced Malware Protection, which means it cleans and offers intrusion protection.


In summary, Cisco Meraki offers you security and safety solutions that are effective, economic and intelligent.


What’s next?

Shire IT is a Cisco Meraki Partner and have many clients who rely on these solutions. Take a look at a Cisco Meraki webinar, which includes a live demonstration of this cloud management platform and you’ll also get a free Meraki Wi-Fi access point for watching.


Check it out here.


Shire IT are also offering FREE 30-Day Trial.  Click here to sign up.

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Contact Shire IT, your Sutherland Shire based IT services and support team on 1300 744 734 or 

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