Are You Mindful of Social Media Wellness?

The latest report has been released on Social Media Trends for 2020. More than 50 experts concede that there are three specific areas to look out and prepare for in terms of the next generation – social media; technology and marketing.


A lot of attention was given to “Social Media Wellness” – the notion that consumers are more aware of the impact their own engagement on social media is having on their mental health. The fact that some people can become overwhelmed or “caught up” in the social media world rather than reality.


That is not to say that people are giving up social media because they are not(!); but more people are recognising its impact either as an individual or through movements such as #DigitalDetox.


As businesses, it is imperative that we are also aware of customer engagement levels when promoting our businesses. And as consumer behaviour changes, we also need to ensure that we keep up with them, as well as being responsible for social media wellness.


How can I ensure my social media posts are mindful of social media wellness?
Keep it real. There is a lot of anxiety around a perceived reality on social media. People post their best sides, their posed photos or write in their best selves. That’s great to do, but every once in a while, keep your posts real. Show what life is really like – it’s more relatable and will encourage more engagement.


Be aware of what your customer engagement is like. Are the comments or reactions negative or positive? Too much negative engagement means that your posts may be invoking this attitude rather than uplifting and positive. Of course, you should expect a degree of negativity, but if it is happening more frequently than positive engagement, you may want to rethink your strategy as it can damage your brand.


The element of escape. Consider when posting that many people use social media to “escape” reality. Whilst people want to escape, they want to be offered “real-world opportunities.” Aim to keep your posts real and attainable.


Engage in conversations. Use your posts to get your audience talking. Ask questions, ask their opinions. Answer every comment on your posts. Get the conversation moving.


Make your posts worthwhile. Since we know people are becoming aware of their social media wellness, they are online for less time. Therefore, when they see your posts, you need to make the content worth seeing. Make it count.

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