Are You Using Pinterest?

PInterest is more than just a place to search for recipes. PInterest is a search engine optimised by Google that will put your pins (blogs and photos) high up in the search engine results for any searched criteria. 


Social media expert, Ashleigh Hill, spoke at the recent Sutherland Shire Mums In Business Association event and exploded some of myths surrounding Pinterest. 


“PInterest has a much longer life span than most social media platforms. A Pin can still be generating traffic four months after the post, which compares very favourably to a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, most of which have a life span of less than a day,” she said.


“Businesses can schedule pins and renew the same blog post with a different picture, and still get hits to websites.”


Ashleigh said that PInterest was often neglected by business owners but that it could be a very effective tool for generating traffic to a business website.


“A hairdresser can put up a Pin with Six Best Haircuts for Boys with photos of their work, for example, and the pin can be sending people directly to their website for months,” she said.


Pinterest is much more than recipes or kids crafts and many people search through Pinterest unwittingly, because Google ranks Pinterest Pins higher than anything else, so the first link on the majority of searches will be a Pin from Pinterest. Each Pin includes a link straight to the website selected by the person putting the Pin up. 


“Pinterest is easy to use and is a great tool for generating traffic to your business website. Most businesses can easily put up even ten new pins every month, especially by re-pinning blogs or posts with different photos,” Ashleigh said. 


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