Feel ‘Authentic’ In A Uniform That Let’s You Stand Out From The Crowd

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If you're looking for a store that can provide you with all the uniform needs for various occupations, look no further than Authentic in Kirrawee.

Uniforms are an integral part of many organisations and serve a purpose in promoting a sense of unity and cohesion among among team members. They are what unite us and bring us together!

With over years of experience, Authentic has built a reputation as the go-to place for uniforms in the Sutherland Shire. Whether you're an athlete, a student, an office worker, or a health professional, Authentic has got you covered.

Whatever Uniform You Need, Authentic Has You Covered

Authentic has the ability to design or customise team and work uniforms according to your unique specifications. This means that you can request a uniform design that is tailored specifically to your needs, without any limitations.

This level of customisation is extremely rare to find in other uniform shops and is what truly sets Authentic apart from the rest.

For athletes and sports enthusiasts, Authentic can design performance-focused sportswear made from state-of-the-art and sports-specific fabrics.

Whether you need on-field/on-court uniforms or off-field apparel, Authentic has got you covered. They even have ready-to-wear options for urgent uniform needs.

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Customisation Services For Uniforms

Authentic also offers customisation options for a wide range of occupations including chefs, bar staff, school wear, workwear, hi-vis gear, health and beauty wear, eco-friendly garments, corporate golf apparel, event merchandise, promotional gifts and even sports equipment.

The team create the customised garments using advanced machines to embroider names and logos onto uniforms, caps, bags and jackets.


The store also offers convenient printing services for high-quality and multi-coloured images on any type of clothing or promotional goods.

One of the unique customisation processes offered by Authentic is dye sublimation. This process incorporates patterns, names and logos into the fabric, making it an ideal customisation option to prevent early fading of colours due to washing.

Decades Of Experience

Since 1994, Authentic has supplied top-quality, customised apparel and the store's commitment to quality and authenticity has never changed.

Their work has led them to become highly recognised and their dedication to providing customised apparel has earned them a loyal customer base.

One of our company principles is to be big enough to handle any customisation job, but small enough to care for each and every customer.

So, no matter how small or big your request is, we can guarantee to bring the best apparel solution there is.

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Feel Authentic In Your Workwear

The store's commitment to authenticity and their positive reputation is what has led them to become recognised both nationally and internationally.

With such experienced stylists and advanced customisation options, you can feel at ease knowing that your uniform visions will turn out just how you've imagined.

If you're in need of a uniform for any type of job, head over to Authentic in Kirrawee and experience their top-quality customised apparel for yourself.

Visit Authentic Today!

Location: Unit 3, 48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee
Opening Hours: 9am- 4pm Monday to Friday
Email: enquiries@beauthentic.com.au
Phone: 8581 2390
Socials: Instagram Facebook

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