Becky Hutley - My 6 favourite Shire retail stores and restaurants

Becky Hutley, Founder and Owner of Hutwoods shares her top 6 Shire pit stops for the perfect weekend.

Becky Hutley

Sonia Bestulic - Author, Speech Pathologist, Super Mum?

Sonia shares a natural gift for empowering those with children in their lives, to embrace their own personal growth.

Shire Talk

Transitioning Into Parenthood - Julie Clarke

For over 20 years Julie has had the pleasure of meeting with expectant parents, facilitating popular...

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From Small Things, Big Things Grow

Meet Dash. He has been busking at Cronulla and has raised over $1000 for the firies. He, together...

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Growing up in the Shire - Chad Townsend

Chad Townsend is a local NRL hero to many Shire residents who timed his return to the Sharks to...

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The Sutherland Shire's Super Dads Unite!

Who says super heroes don't exist? Watch this week's episode of Shire Talk TV and find out that not...

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One Meal - Making a Difference In The Shire

One Meal – It Makes a Difference is a not for profit community organisation that helps to feed,...

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Sutherland Shire Historical Society - Bruce Watt

Embark on an Aboriginal History Tour as Bruce Watt, President of The Sutherland Shire Historical...

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Love Yourself - #SorryNoMore with Amy Maree from The Bridal Bar

In this week’s episode of Shire Talk TV, we visit Sutherland Shire’s Number 1 beauty salon – The...

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Sutherland Shire Dharawal

In Episode 27 we hear from Bruce Watt, president of the Sutherland Shire Historical Society, member...

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