We discover the health and fitness benefits of High-Altitude Training… and we’re LOVING it!

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The brainchild for CA was to unlock the science that elite athletes have been using for over 50 years to gain a competitive advantage, delivering it to the mainstream market as the ultimate fun, engaging and diverse health and fitness service.

Born out of the first COVID 19 forced lockdown, Directors & Co Founders Peter Hickey and Scott Reynolds used the time as an opportunity to work on the Combine Air brand, programming, operating model and services offerings.

CA has expanded to now offer both group Training and Refomer Pilates at Altitude along with Recovery options that include Infrared Saunas, Ice baths and Compression Therapy.

Peter & Scott had been working in the simulated altitude training space since 2014 under the branding of Peak Altitude Training, which was previously more targeted at athletes and adventure travelers.

Currently located in Rozelle, Concord, Paddington, Sydney CBD, and its newest location of Wooloware Bay "The Shire", CA drops daily squad training sessions 3500m above sea level in a simulated altitude training arena. You’ll get a mix of hybrid boxing, resistance, and conditioning all on their ‘Field of Green’.

Making the Decision: A Call to Better Living & Performance

Combine Air resonates with a powerful message – it's about making the decision to be better, rippling through society by embracing uniqueness. The CA ethos revolves around commitment to change, pushing mental resilience, and striving for greatness.

It's not just a fitness journey; it's a commitment to unlocking one's greatness, fighting a little bit harder, and making things happen.

Did you feel it was a risk to be the first trainers to attempt to make the workout
mainstream in Sydney?

Scott - "When we initially launched Peak Altitude Training and then remodeled this into Combine Air of course there was a risk, we were introducing science and training environments / methods that had previously only been accessible to athletes to the broader fitness market, however backed by the science we knew that the benefits that athletes had been enjoying for over 50 yrs were not exclusive to elite athletes and that the high altitude training environment for the mainstream health and fitness market was a game changer in the industry."

What Makes Combine Air So Unique Compared to 'other' gyms?

Combine Air Training is unique in that the training environment is 13.5-14% oxygen or the
equivalent of exercising at 3500m above sea level, making it the most effective workout

CA Recovery

Combine Air Recovery is world-class, state of the art facilities to help you recover faster, so you can train harder. CA x Recovery offers you infrared saunas, ice baths, compression therapy and salt room therapy.

Experience the CA difference with these premium offerings throughout CA x Clubs. Learn more.

The programming combines resistance, conditioning, boxing and hybrid training
which is delivered in 8-week periodised seasons. This form of training promotes greater
physiological adaptations, avoids overtraining and injury, facilitating greater overall benefits.

Who are the target clients for Combine Air? Are they non-professional athletes or
everyday people looking for a different kind of workout?

Peter - "The target market for Combine Air is the everyday health and fitness enthusiast who is wanting to maximise the benefits of their training. Combine Air offers everyday people the opportunity to train like an athlete without having to be an elite athlete. "

Generally speaking, our members are people passionate about improving themselves and being the best version of themselves, they are motivated and aspirational people who are looking for a new and better way to train."

Setting Goals & Staying Consistent

Why settle for pushing the limits when you can exceed them? Combine Air emphasizes the importance of consistency in achieving greatness. It's a reminder that maintaining a steady effort is the key to unlocking one's full potential.

What are the benefits of training with less oxygen for people who aren’t sports stars and elite athletes?

The benefits of training at high altitude are extensive. Due to the reduced oxygen, members burn more calories in every session, which leads to an afterburn of greater fat stores.

The Altitude will also help build more lean muscle with greater release of growth hormone. This also leads to strength and power benefits unmatched at sea level." - Scott

The message is simple: don't stop believing, narrow your focus, and stick to your goals, no matter the challenges. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it becomes to achieve it.

Elevate Your Fitness Game with Combine Air Reformer Pilates

Combine Air Pilates revolutionises fitness by merging altitude training with reformer pilates, offering an unparalleled workout experience. CAP is taking reformer pilates to the next level, quite literally, using the renowned exercise method and adding altitude to the mix to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Casey Burgess, Head of Combine Air Pilates,  enthusiastically shares, "CA Pilates is going to change the game. Adding altitude to reformer workouts is groundbreaking. People will fall in love with how they can push themselves, whether they're Pilates veterans or newcomers."

Learn More Here >>>

The Leaders Behind Combine Air Sutherland Shire

The Sutherland Shire Gym is owned and operated by Mitch and Jackie Laffan who, between them, bring a wealth of health and fitness knowledge.

As a registered healthcare practitioner (physiotherapy) Jackie has a passion for transformative rehabilitation which extends beyond the clinic walls, fostering a collaborative and respectful work environment.

CA x Training

Squad Based Training, Personal Coaching & Solo Training hires all in an arena that is 3,500m above sea level. You’ll get a mix of strength, conditioning, boxing and hybrid training all on the Field of Green.

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Local Community All-Stars

The pair have a passion for excellence, which doesn't just make them great business owners and team leaders, both serve as role model for those aspiring to make a difference in the health and fitness industry.

Combine Air's uniqueness goes beyond its services. The duo's growing family are not just leaders in rehabilitation and transformation; they are local residents deeply rooted in the Sutherland Shire.

Their commitment to quality family time, outdoor activities, and beach life mirrors the values embedded in Combine Air – a holistic approach to health and a celebration of community ties.

Shire Rewards: Exclusive App Only Deals And Loyalty Rewards!

Combine Air understands the value of community engagement, and that's why they've partnered with Shire Rewards to offer exclusive deals for new members and loyalty rewards that all current CA members can benefit from.

For those embarking on their fitness journey, the first-time offer includes two weeks of unlimited Training, three Reformer sessions, and three Recovery sessions – all for just $49. It's not just a deal; it's a chance to experience the transformative power of Combine Air at an unbeatable price.

Combine Air – Your Path to Health, Wellness & Performance in the Sutherland Shire

Combine Air is not just a local health and fitness center; it's a philosophy, a commitment to unlocking greatness, and a journey towards a healthier and happier life.

The team's expertise, combined with the unique ethos of Combine Air, creates an environment where individuals can thrive and perform like everyday athletes.

Let's go all stars!

Contact Combine

Email: theshire@combineair.com.au
Join Club: https://combineair.com.au/clubs/theshire/
Location: Bay Central Woolooware, 453A Captain Cook Dr, Woolooware
Phone: 0455 478 683

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