Cronulla RSL Raises Funds For Animals Who Have Rendered Military Service

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During ANZAC Day 2021 and 2022, Cronulla RSL has once again given support to animals that have served the military. The proceeds of the Cronulla RSL fundraising events amount to more than $15,000.

Cronulla RSL gives the funds to the non-profit organization Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) and Veteran Service Animals. 

Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO)

People are not the only ones affected by the drastic results of war. All animals sent for national service undergo some effects that change their behaviour and way of thinking.

War animals deserve the kind of support that surpasses the effort on the battlefield. The AWAMO is a non-profit organisation that supports these animals who have sacrificed a lot in the stead of human activity. 

The non-profit organisation has volunteers all over Australia with two aims: recognition of exceptional military animals and further education about the sacrifices of these human companions. AWAMO has donated over 30 plaques in recognition of the military animals and the service they gave to Australia.

Toowoomba war animal memorial opened in 2014

The efforts of AWAMO are not limited to these acts. Animals covered by AWAMO include military working dogs, pigeons, and other animals that have worked in military service.

These services cover war operations, peace efforts and general animal employment. The non-profit organisation also creates numerous initiatives to continue the goals of the organisation.

ANZAC Veteran Service Dog Assistance Project

One of the initiatives of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation is the ANZAC Veteran Service Dog Assistance Project. The recipients of the initiative are veteran working dogs from the Australian Defence Force.

After the end of service for each animal, handlers incur a lot of costs to keep supporting these old animals.

The project covers assistance with many aspects of any animal’s needs.

Some examples are medicine purchases for canines that require medication, budget for veterinary bills, especially for older canines at the end of service, and miscellaneous items that improve the quality of each veteran animal.

Donate To AWAMO

One of the many AWAMO activities is to support other animal charity with advice, fiscal aid, materiel products and other resources. These charities range from domestic run charities to international animal protection charities.

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The end is also inevitable. For many veteran animals sent to war, death is one of the most natural things, whether in daily life or on the battlefield. The ANZAC Veteran Service Dog Assistance Project funds also cover cremation costs. Each veteran dog is honoured with a stone head at the burial site. 

Cronulla RSL Community

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Manic, the retired four-legged service dog for TAGE

Manic is one of the members of the ANZAC Veteran Service Dog Assistance Project. Manic served as a service dog for the Tactical Assault Group East (TAGE). He retired in 2020 and is currently in Sutherland Shire, enjoying retirement. 

The membership of Manic started when his handler approached Sue McNeil, the CEO of Cronulla RSL. Sue McNeil says,

‘We were approached by Manic’s handler in 2021, to get permission for Manic to visit the club after the ANZAC Day Dawn Service. We approved without hesitation; service dogs are diggers too!

Cronulla RSL fully welcomed Manic and even gave him a membership in the club. Manic is the first four-legged honourary member of the Cronulla RSL. 

McNeil wants to encourage other clubs to open support for these veteran animals that have honoured and given service to the nation.

The issue of limited support for veteran dogs is often an issue skirted around by many people, not just in Australia. It’s a general problem for all military animals who reach their end of service.

‘We were so touched by Manic’s story and saddened to hear of the limited support war dogs and their handlers receive after their service, that we were inspired to help do what we could to make a difference’

‘We hope that our efforts encourage other clubs to support their local service dog, and get behind the AWAMO’. 

Cronulla RSL continues to support AWAMO

Cronulla perseveres with the initiatives of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation. Currently, AWAMO’s CEO Nigel Allsopp and the team in the organisation are busy with another effort for veteran war animals.  

The current initiative AWAMO is doing is providing support for the animals displaced in the Ukraine conflict. Nigel and his team are preparing a container load with food and medication bound for Poland. View all the current projects and ongoing activities of AWAMO here.

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