Daisy Dancewear & Children’s Clothing: An emblem of community, quality, and care

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Founded by Kristen Hardman, an Engadine local with a lifelong connection to dance and the Shire, the store not only supplies top-notch dancewear, shoes, and accessories but also boasts an eclectic range of children's clothing, gifts, and accessories. 

Daisy Dancewear & Children's Clothing has been a beacon for dance enthusiasts and parents seeking quality children's products for nearly 12 years. 

I grew up dancing and have owned a dance store previously. After moving to Engadine I could see the need for a variety of dance requirements and combined it with children’s clothing and babywear to offer the area a bit more variety."

Kristen Hardman

Kristen's roots in the Shire, having grown up in Kirrawee, instilled in her a deep understanding of the community's needs, fueling the birth of this multifaceted store.

From Passion to Business

Kristen's journey intertwines seamlessly with her passion for dance and a desire to offer Engadine a diverse array of quality children's products. 

Having owned a dance store previously, her move to Engadine sparked the realization of a need for varied dance essentials and a fusion with children's clothing. 

However, amidst the successes, the store encountered its share of trials, notably the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

Yet, anchored by a steadfast commitment to exemplary customer service, Kristen and her team weathered the storm, fostering a loyal clientele.

Myself and my staff pride ourselves on customer service so I really think this has helped keep a loyal customer base along the way.

Nurturing the Local Connection

The genesis of Daisy stems from Kristen's deep-seated involvement in dance, mirrored by her dedicated staff. 

The trifecta of owning a dance store, raising triplets, and a quest for premium local and diverse children's products sowed the seeds for this unique establishment.

This personal journey translates into a curated selection that resonates with the local community. The trifecta of owning a dance store, raising triplets, and a quest for premium local and diverse children's products sowed the seeds for this unique establishment.

A Tapestry of Uniqueness

What sets Daisy apart isn't just its merchandise but also its nurturing embrace of the Engadine community. Situated centrally along Engadine's Main Street, the store serves as a hub for regulars and newcomers alike. 

Embracing community collaboration, Daisy actively supports local groups and schools, reinforcing its commitment to giving back and fostering a symbiotic relationship with fellow businesses.

Beyond Expectations

At Daisy, the crux of their success lies in their unparalleled dedication to service. The staff's personalized approach transcends transactional interactions. 

They strive to know their customers beyond a mere face in the store, often recalling names, children's details, and even shoe sizes, creating a familial atmosphere that resonates with patrons.

We love what we do and appreciate everyone’s choice to shop with us. It really is a fun vibe in store. We normally know mum or dads name, childrens names and sometimes we surprise ourselves and remember shoe sizes."

Shire Rewards & Daisy: An Exclusive Offer for new loyalty members

As part of the Shire Rewards program, Daisy extends a generous 20% discount to newcomers signing up to the Daisy Dance Loyaty Rewards Program. Earn points, save money!

This offer isn't merely a discount; it's an invitation to experience the warmth of personalized service, quality products, and a vibrant community hub. 

We would love to offer anyone the signs up to Daisy's Loyalty Reward Program 20% off their next purchase in store.

This exclusive opportunity opens doors to affordable dance essentials, thoughtful gifts, and a first-hand taste of Daisy's exceptional service.

A Vision of Entrepreneurial Excellence

Kristen's entrepreneurial aspirations have transformed Daisy into more than a store; it's a testament to her dedication to excellence. 

Through trials and triumphs, her commitment to delivering quality, building community ties, and fostering a delightful shopping experience remains unwavering.

The Journey Forward

As Daisy Dancewear & Children's Clothing continues to weave its legacy in Engadine, it stands as a testament to perseverance, passion, and a genuine connection to the community. 

We have always supported local community groups and schools even when times were tough as we appreciate their support and always want to give back.

With an eye on the future, Kristen and her team strive to expand their offerings while upholding the values that have been the cornerstone of their success.

For those seeking an immersive shopping experience where dancewear meets community warmth and quality children's products, Daisy Dancewear & Children's Clothing in Engadine beckons. 

As Daisy Dancewear journeys ahead, it remains committed to fostering stronger connections within the Engadine community. Beyond being a retail haven, it's a testament to the power of local businesses in building unity, support, and a shared sense of belonging.

Contact Us

Email: daisydanceandclothing@gmail.com
Website: https://daisydanceandclothing.com.au/
Phone: +61 431 861 946


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