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As an adult, we might reminisce sometimes about our memories growing up.  Perhaps we are reminded through a song we hear, or a comment someone says.  Or maybe you get a taste of one of your favourite desserts and it transports you back to your six-year-old-self and a special weekend treat of Angel Delight*! 


But the strawberry mousse I just tasted was a far cry from the packet mix your mum used to whip up.  This is a total cup of yumminess, and it even has a Raffaelo ball on top!  

Chiara and Sarah head up a new local company, Dessertopia, making sweet treats for both corporate and private clients.  Having known each other since 2015, their friendship has evolved from gym buddies to business partners and with a passion for their product, their business and the people they serve, they have gotten off to a great start!

Their mission is to “make the world a sweeter place, one delicious and decadent dessert at a time;” and that they do. Specialising in dessert cups, with flavours ranging from mousse, which comes in 3 different flavours; to cheesecake also in nine varieties! The deluxe Nutella or pistachio and white chocolate are definitely on our list at Shire Talk! Or you could choose anything from panna cotta to apple crumble pie or banoffee pie; or even a range of jelly cups.

According to the girls, “happiness is only one cupcake away”, and is another option to order alongside your dessert cups.

Their reviews on Facebook sing their praises, commenting on their confidence and attitudes as being the secret ingredients to their cups; and as far to call it heaven in a cup!

The Dessertopia team are taking orders for Christmas, so head over to or check out their Facebook page @DessertopiaOfficial

*Angel Delight – a classic British dessert packet mix. Just add milk, whisk and Bob’s your Uncle!

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