Function and Form: A Winning Combination

As a society we are food obsessed; where will we go for dinner? What recipe shall I cook tonight? Posting a picture on your Instagram of your latest meal or making a recommendation on your favourite restaurant’s Facebook page. We are constantly talking about food; what we are putting into our bodies. But what about what comes out? Are we making the same noises?


There are more than 2 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag “gut health.” It suggests that perhaps it is becoming more acceptable to talk about it; people are less afraid to talk about their poo. It’s a conversation we need to be more open about.

Zhenya Gerson is making movements in the gut health industry. Owner of Cronulla based Exhale Wellness Spa, she, along with her business partner, bought Proppr, the company that makes the essential bathroom footrest. As a colonic hydrotherapist and gut health specialist, she understands more than most about the science behind the product and can use her knowledge to educate others.


“Proppr is a very stylish bathroom footrest that you put underneath your feet when you are sitting on the toilet to help you move your bowels better. We’re not the first one on the market, but we are definitely the first one that is stylish.”

So how does it work?


The colon has four sections to it, the bottom part is called the sigmoid colon. When we are sat down, it kinks, almost like the s-bend of the toilet. By putting your feet up higher than your hips, the sigmoid straightens out allowing your business to slide out easier.


Zhenya notes that there are various areas that it can support, “It helps with any sort of prolapse, pelvic floor issues and those with mobility issues. Those with haemorrhoids and women that are pregnant.”


And it’s not just for those who have problems like Crohns or inflamed bowel disease, everyone can benefit from using one. Once you start to put your feet up things start to change. “You don’t feel internally that things have changed,” Zhenya continues, “You definitely feel a more complete bowel movement and a more complete emptying of the bladder.”

Products made by others pale in comparison. A large company in the US make a cheaper, plastic option that sits around the toilet, with your feet placed either side. Proppr’s feature product, on the other hand, is crafted from beautiful Tasmanian Oak. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and designed to be stored discreetly, but it is made from 100% FSC certified Australian timbers.


“We wanted to bring it back to more sustainable materials, so we brought it back to Australian manufacturing.” Zhenya says, “It’s designed to last a lifetime, meaning that there is less waste. It’s beautiful, it’s pretty. When you’ve done that $20,000 renovation to your bathroom, you want to use it and you want people to see it.”


And that’s probably why they won a Good Design Award for its “form and function.” These prestigious accolades have been presented to companies for their innovative and functional products for more than 60 years.

If you’re not convinced a footstool can make a difference to your bathroom habits, Zhenya suggests going home and simply using an upside-down bin for a couple of days. “If it helps, then come and buy one. If you don’t believe the science, definitely do it at home first. When you want something that looks good, then buy Proppr!”


It is clear that Zhenya loves helping people with their gut health, with so much science pointing to it as being imperative for a person’s overall wellbeing. “I would love to see it in recovery suites of hospitals; and not just in maternity and gastroenterology wards.”


Shire Talk wishes to extend its congratulations to Proppr for their win.

Proppr is available from Exhale Wellness Spa in Cronulla or online at

Zhenya also offers a local discount.

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