Get Equipment and Infrastructure Without Breaking The Bank

Does your business require specialised equipment to operate? If you need high-priced technology, this can be a challenge; not just for your bank balance, but for all the members of your team.

You want your team to work efficiently and not be held back by out-of-date, slower technologies. You want predictability in your financial reporting, knowing how the books are going to balance at the end of each month. And you, of course, want scalability, preparing for your business to grow.

But how is it possible to advance and obtain those high-ticket items when they have the potential to wipe out your bank balance and any chance you have to actually provide a service to your clients?

What if there was a solution? One that was tailor-made to suit your business needs?

Flexible finance options allow you to procure the equipment and infrastructure you need without breaking the bank.

How and why should I do that?

1. Having one affordable monthly payment means that you still have the cash to operate. Don’t blow out the budget with a single purchase when you must pay salaries and overheads.


2. Leasing your equipment means you can upgrade to newer technologies as they become available. You and your talented team can stay ahead of the game! Plus, as the business grows and you need more equipment, you can upscale as needed.


3. You’ll see your monthly return on investment in action as you generate income, whilst paying for the equipment.


4. Depending on where you get your finance from, it may be possible to bundle other assets and services into one manageable invoice.


Finally, at the end of the lease, you have 3 flexible options.
1. You could choose to upgrade your equipment, enabling your business to work more effectively. Simply enter into a new finance agreement with monthly payments.


2. You could just extend your existing lease, giving you more time with your current equipment.


3. Pay a one-off additional fee to own the equipment outright.


As a business, there are many solutions for you to have the correct infrastructure and specialist equipment without the initial, costly outlay.  There is no need for it to be a challenge or unachievable.  

State of the art technology is only a phone call away. Talk to Shire IT about your technology goals and they’ll help you prepare and implement a solution, focused entirely on your business.


To know more about SHIRE IT, visit their website at

You can also visit their Shire Talk business directory listing.  

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