Giulio’s Dance Studio: Where Passion Takes Center Stage in Cronulla’s Heart

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Giulio Nencioni, the passionate Dance Director of Giulio's Dance Studio in Cronulla Mall, welcomes dancers of all ages and skill levels to embark on a journey into the world of social dancing.

Hailing from the enchanting medieval city of Siena, Italy, Giulio brings a rich background in Ballroom, Latin dance, and Salsa Sosa Style to the vibrant community of the Sutherland Shire.

We are passionate about building and growing our Social Dancing Community. Giulio's Dance Studio is the perfect place to learn and practise your dancing skills so that you can take your dancing to the next level and into the Social Dance environment."

Established to honor his love for dancing and share the joy with others, Giulio's Dance Studio offers a diverse range of services, including private classes, group sessions, adult and teen classes, wedding dances, social nights, and private parties.

A Dance Odyssey: Giulio's Personal and Professional History

Giulio's dance story began at the tender age of six, evolving into a lifelong passion that eventually led him to become a highly qualified Dance Instructor in Italy and Australia.

His journey includes notable victories, such as winning the Italian national championship in 2006 and venturing to England's dance scene.

In 2015, Giulio seized the opportunity to explore the dance community in Australia for a year, a decision that has blossomed into an eight-year residency in the Sutherland Shire.

Dancing from the Heart: The Origin of Giulio's Passion

For Giulio, dancing is not merely a profession but a way of life inspired by his wife Nicole, who has been a constant source of encouragement and support.

Very enjoyable salsa lessons what a great team Giulio and Nicole are, we thoroughly enjoyed our first month of lessons looking forward to the next level both are very experienced teachers which makes each class so much easier."

Malcolm P.

Through dancing, Giulio found a pathway to create happiness for himself and others, making it a profound and beautiful aspect of his life.

The Unique Tapestry of Giulio's Dance Studio Cronulla

Giulio's Dance Studio stands out not only for its exceptional dance styles, including the fusion of Ballroom, Latin, and Salsa Sosa, but also for its unparalleled location in the heart of Cronulla.

"It really has become an amazing community," Giulio told us. The studio has become a meeting place for individuals seeking a new hobby, forging new friendships, and bringing joy to their partners.

Giulio's Method

Giulio takes pride in his teaching method, emphasizing simplicity and quick results through a 12-week program. Beyond dance sequences, the studio focuses on improving body mobility, flexibility, posture, and instilling confidence in each dancer.

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Swaying to Success: Shire Rewards and Giulio's Dance Studio

As a local business deeply committed to the Sutherland Shire community, Giulio's Dance Studio extends exclusive offers through Shire Rewards.

Members can enjoy a complimentary class and receive a 25% discount on their first term membership when paying upfront. This enticing offer serves as a gateway for newcomers to experience the joy of dance at Giulio's studio.

Dance Into the Future: Building a Social Dancing Community

Giulio's Dance Studio envisions itself as more than just a place to learn dance; it's a community hub where individuals of all ages and abilities come together to celebrate the art of social dancing.

With a focus on adults and teens, Giulio's aims to nurture the next generation of social dancers, creating a legacy of joy and camaraderie in the Sutherland Shire.

Hear It from Our Dancers: Testimonials of Transformation

The studio's impact goes beyond dance steps; it's about transforming lives. Hear firsthand from Giulio's students about how dancing at the studio has enhanced their well-being, confidence, and sense of community.

Thank you, Giulio! Pete and I are having so much fun. It is great to learn a new skill together and share a hobby. Thank you for being so patient. I love your teaching style and that you focus on the detail."

Lucy M

Join the Rhythm: Experience the Magic of Giulio's Dance Studio

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a novice, Giulio's Dance Studio welcomes all to join the rhythm and experience the magic of social dancing. Step into the world of passion, joy, and connection, meet someone new or simply bring your partner.

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