Notoriously “strong” coffee with cult like following has Engadine locals buzzing with joy!

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In the suburbs of Engadine, Grind stands tall, a testament to the enduring allure of a perfectly brewed cup and the community that has embraced it as their own.

For those who appreciate the alchemy of coffee, Grind isn't just a cafe; it's a pilgrimage to the heart of Engadine's coffee culture.

Grind has earned its stellar reputation primarily for one thing – its exceptionally strong coffee. From the very first sip, patrons are enveloped in the rich aroma and robust flavor that only a carefully crafted cup of coffee can provide.

The cafe's commitment to sourcing premium beans and perfecting the roasting process has become synonymous with a Grind experience, creating a loyal clientele that has driven its success into multiple Sutherland Shire locations.

Grind Engadine will quickly become your new go-to for tasty treats, sweet refreshments and of course the cafe's iconic espresso that will keep you coming back for more.

While Grind's roots trace back to the shores of Cronulla Beach, its move to Engadine marked a turning point in its journey.

Start Your Day With The Shire's Best (and strongest) Coffee

What sets Grind apart is not just its exceptional coffee but the community it has cultivated. Regulars speak of Grind not merely as a cafe but as a lifestyle, a daily ritual that transcends the routine of grabbing a cup of coffee.

The cafe's ambiance is a testament to this, as the buzz of conversations and the clinking of cups create an atmosphere that feels like home to many.

Yeah, we open early to serve the people who want to start their day with a cup of coffee! Who doesn't? We already have our regulars and have established a good relationship with our customers."

Grind Engadine uses fresh coffee beans that produce a dreamy aroma and delicious taste. Their coffee menu includes the classic cappuccino, latte, flat white, mocha and long black. Whether you like it hot or iced, their friendly expert baristas have got your back!

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Beyond The Brew!

Grind's prowess extends beyond its coffee, offering a menu that complements the boldness of its brews. From artisanal pastries to hearty breakfast options, every dish is crafted with the same dedication to quality that defines the cafe's coffee. It's not just a coffee shop; it's a destination for those seeking an all-encompassing sensory experience.

Become A Grind Engadine Loyalty Member

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The menu includes seeded sourdough with your choice of condiment (berry jam, peanut butter, vegemite, or honey), turkey wrap, tequila jalapeno beef wrap, croissant, toasties, frittata and their signature macadamia muesli and yoghurt with passionfruit.

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Also, kids, and the kids at heart, can enjoy sweet treats such as doughnuts, cookies, wagon wheels, sweet breads and muffins. Milkshakes and other dessert-inspired drinks on the menu are another fan favourite amongst the youngsters.

Grind Engadine even makes treats for your furry friends and offers puppy beer for dogs so they can join in on your cafe experience - and of course, puppy beer is non-alcoholic. It contains healthy, nutrient-rich properties that have been specially formulated for dogs.

The Best Cafe in Engadine to Relax and Catch Up 

Since the coffee shop's Cronulla opening in 2002, Grind has grown a true cult following. There’s a buzz of excitement when Grind opens in a new location and no doubt Engadine locals will be buzzing after their first visit.

Earn Points Towards FREE Coffees

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Grind Engadine, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

As the years roll on, Grind continues to be a beacon for coffee enthusiasts, consistently pushing the boundaries of what a cup of coffee can be.

The cafe's unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with its warm and welcoming ambiance, ensures that the Grind experience is not just about coffee – it's a celebration of the art and culture surrounding it.

I mean hey, we'd all rather be at Grind, right?

Contact Grind

Location: 1/28 Station Street, Engadine.

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