Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs

Each year on the 21st of March we come together as a nation to celebrate the diverse array of cultures that call Australia home. We are founded from over 300 different ancestries and today nearly half of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was. Our national identity is a vibrant, multicultural canvas and on Harmony Day we are reminded that we all belong under the Southern Stars.


This Harmony Day, acknowledge our different pasts and shared futures by donning the colour orange. It is the colour of meaningful communication and represents respect and belonging for all.


In the Shire, observe Harmony Day at local events that offer cultural learning experiences and the opportunity to hear the stories of migrants, refugees, traditional custodians and register at harmonyday.gov.au to share your own.


Remember to follow our social media for more details of these events as they arise:

  • The Sutherland Hospital Learning Experience, Caringbah
  • Harmony Day at Sutherland Farmers Market, Sutherland
  • Grace Studios Public Speaking Competition with the theme ‘Harmony Day’, Engadine
  • Amnesty International Harmony Day Events, Sutherland



As we come together to celebrate how multiculturalism is a part of the Australian story, we remember that the messages of belonging and respect go beyond just one day. We are Australian.

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