Help! My child is starting Year 7: Things You Need to Know About High School Transition by a High School Teacher in the Know!

In Part 1, we looked at schoolwork, how much and how to manage it. In this, the second of the trilogy, we are exploring some of what happens inside the school gates.

PART 2: Support, Friendships and Policies

I think my child might need some extra support.

The school has a lot of services inbuilt to support your child. Contact the Year Advisor with concerns or information that will help the school best meet the needs of your child. They are there to make the transition as seamless as possible and will be a contact for you and your child to work through social, emotional and academic concerns.


The Student Wellbeing Team and Learning Support Team are some of the services available; plus, the School Counsellor is a trained Psychologist and a great resource.



I’m worried about my child not making new friends
Friendship groups and peer relationships can be a huge stress for parents and kids. Let your child try and find their way. It will be hard to watch them flounder a little in those first weeks, but most kids settle into a social group.

If you have concerns, contact the Year Advisor to discuss the situation further. As a mum, I find this difficult. I did change on of my children’s schools when the situation wasn’t improving. For him, that was the best thing we did!

But every family is different and you need to do what is in the best interests of your child. Changing schools should be a decision you and your child come to as a team.


What is the line between being fashionable and not getting into trouble with school uniform?

Check out the school website for uniform expectations to ensure you get it “right.” Whilst there are uniform policies, check out what current students are wearing. The interpretation of the uniform policy in practice will help you.

Year 7s hate being in the geekiest version of the school uniform policy. If you have friends with high school students, you’ll need to lean on them for guidance.


Part 3 is coming soon! If you have any questions about your child transitioning into high school, I’ll be live on Shire Talk’s talk back show on 2SSR 99.7FM on Wednesday 22nd January from 6pm.


 Call the studio on 9545 1800 or email

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