How To Effectively Manage Staff Workload

A couple of months ago, we featured in Tech Tuesday a product management tool called Asana.  Asana allows you to delegate tasks to team members and organize them in such a way that you’ll have great project visibility.

Just recently, Asana added a new feature called Workload.

Workload ensures that your staff members aren’t overloaded or underworked.  Also, you’ll see which projects are properly staffed – all in one dashboard.


Resource management

As a project manager, you’ll be able to manage your team’s workload in real-time.  You can get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity and easily go inside tasks to see the details.


Capacity Planning

This new feature also allows you to assign value to tasks like hours or points.  This will give you an estimate of the effort that’s needed and see who has too much to do and the opposite.


Balance-Out Workload Without STRESS.

With Workload, you can simply DRAG & DROP tasks to other members of your team if needed. You can prevent burnout and boredom, at the same time, make sure that your team gets the right work at the right time.


A Dashboard for Progress

With Workload integrated with Asana, you have full visibility you can say goodbye to manually tracking the progress of work. It includes everything you need to see how much work does your members have, potential hiccups & adjust tasks if needed.

We found this tool very beneficial so you’ll easily find out who amongst your staff needs more/less work.  You can also use this as a tool for performance management and assign a numerical value for projects, goals, and tasks.


Workload is available in Asana Business. Visit to learn more.


Hope you found this issue of Tech Tuesday helpful! Until next week.Missed other issues of Tech Tuesday? Visit

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