How To Increase Social Media Traffic That Drives Engagement

A recent study shows that more than half of small businesses believe in social media as an important marketing tool. However, only 16% of respondents use their social media accounts to communicate directly with customers. So what are they really doing with social media? The average small business uses it for promotion, just as it uses advertising, direct mail and other forms of traditional marketing.

Social enterprise promotion networks are doing well. But the real impact comes through a commitment to the people you care about. Your followers are a real catalyst for your success on social networks, so it’s essential to stay in touch with them.
Why? Social media, such as content marketing, aim to build relationships with customers. In fact, companies can trace the origins of social networks as a largely “social” tool. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are really designed to help people communicate with each other, share resources, and stay in touch. Businesses can do the exact same thing with their customers, using the same websites.

Using social media sites to interact with current and potential customers requires a time commitment. However, the tools are already integrated, so you can easily think of your corporate account as another way to connect to your target market, just like you would do with friends, colleagues, and family.


Here are 5 social media tips for building relationships that lead to sales:

1. Listen – There are many conversations. Some of them may relate to your business, industry or other issues that affect it. Take the time to listen to what is being said before deciding how to respond or add something. You will learn more about what is important to your target market when you put your ear to the ground.

2. Participate: By participating in these conversations, you show that you are interested in what people have to say. It is also an opportunity to show everything you know about your subject, which helps you establish authority. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, spark debate, and even occasionally spark controversy. They make people talk and give you more information that you can use to connect with them.

3. Add value: your comments should always add value to the conversation. If you promote yourself too much or don’t add useful information, you and your business will lose your credibility. Think of your efforts as a conversation, not an increase in sales.

4. Evaluate your goals: at some point, preferably at the start but also along the way, think about your goals. What efforts are you trying to make on social networks? Some companies want to increase brand awareness, others are more interested in what their competitors are doing. Fine-tuning your main goals will save you time and energy in the long run.

5. Look at the big picture: think of social media as a community, not a place to sell your products and services. The users of these sites, like the Internet in general, do not necessarily buy something. Most of the time, they want information that they can use and want to connect to the sources of that information. Make sure your efforts take this into account. Keep track of the fact that you are here to talk to people, invite them to join you, offer them your experience, etc. Design each individual publication to create the overall impression that it reflects your business objectives over time.

Therefore, if you plan to use social media to promote your business, or already have one, be sure to spend time engaging customers! It’s the best way for your friends and subscribers to become customers.

Get in touch with us here in Shire Talk if you need help in managing your social media!

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