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Let's be real, COVID and lockdown really screwed all our travel plans this past few years. It was devastating, literally, devastating. Family holidays. Ruined. Weekends away. Gone! Europe, out. South East Asia. Nope.

Not only was it devastating for the Travel industry as a whole, but as human beings, travelling is one of the most amazing things you can do in life.

But, things are looking up (literally, to the sky, in a plane, to Hawaii, please take me there now) the world is opening it's doors again to Aussie travellers not only Internationally, but locally too.

Now, as I'm sure you've all experienced at some point in your life, searching for available dates, booking flights, connecting flights, airport transfers, hotels, motels, hostels, and resorts CAN be a little stressful to organise on your own.

Oh, and we're also trying to find the best deal at every stage of the trip, right? Hell yeah we are, this travel game ain't cheap.

Lucky for ALL of us, there are these handy little places call Travel agencies (you may have heard of them) that can help take the hassle out of booking your next dream holiday, and none do it better than the team at I Travel Sutherland.

They'll take care of all the heavy lifting so all you need to worry about is packing (the night before, am I right?) The ITravel Sutherland team are determined to turn your dream holiday into reality.

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Plus, they've got all access to all the best deals, discounts and hook ups locally and overseas that us simple folk just can't find online. Alright, bags are packed.

Where are we headed?

Become An I Travel Sutherland Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from I Travel Sutherland, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

Jam-packed Deals for Your Travels

It’s impossible to enjoy yourself while travelling if you’re stuck worrying about the logistics
- how to get there, where to stay, must-see attractions and where to eat. (Head. Hurting)

Fear not, ITravel Sutherland already has the answers to all of these questions. No matter where you're headed, your iTravel agent will easily and seamlessly organise your itinerary for you. . . and they've got hot travel deals ready to rock anytime and anywhere.

Agency founder Rosemarie Church and her team are happy to arrange and coordinate everything from tickets and transportation right through to accommodation, things to do when you get there and most important, travel insurance.

Hardest part for you? Figuring out where to go.


Travel Experience = Big $avings

ITravel have extensive experience coordinating with transportation services, Hotels, Resorts, Hostels and tour companies/guides from all over the world. Together the staff have over 140 years of experience!

Their breadth of experience and volume of travel enable them to negotiate the most competitive pricing so that you obtain the best value for money. Rosemarie explained to us that a lot of their customers are already saving as much as 40% off the full price.

Through personal experience to various destinations worldwide, the team ensures they can plan your dream holiday, offering genuine guidance and advice on locations, budgets and attractions that the rest of the internet and other travel providers just don't seem to have.

This kind of info, is priceless.

Where to Next? Ask the Best Travel Consultants!

The world is a big place. There's A LOT to see and experience. There's the spectacular Pyramids of Giza, Having a Wine under the Eiffel Tower, Mustard dripping Hot Dogs while walking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines, Trekking out to Uluru.

The list goes on. . . and on.

Some of us have travel bucket lists, some of us don't (and need little extra guidance) ITravel Sutherland will help you find the perfect destination for you. We know what we like, sometimes it just takes someone who's 'been there done that' to nudge you in the right direction.

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Become An I Travel Sutherland Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from I Travel Sutherland, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

ITravel agents are happy to offer professional consultancy based on your ideal budget and how much time you want to spend 'out of the office'

itravel Sutherland has been recognised as the industry leader and has received multiple awards over the years within the travel industry for our sales and service.

They are a Platinum office for Qantas Airways and have been a finalist in 2010 and 2012 for the AFTA travel awards.

Whether you’re after an adrenalin rush, a cultural experience, or prefer to stay in luxury by the sea, the team will make planning your trip fun, simple and stress-free.

Enjoy A Cruise Experience!

Can you think of a better way to tour the world than on a relaxing cruise?

ITravel Sutherland offers the best tours at sea and have connections with all the major players like P&O and Royal Caribbean.

Expect exclusive cruise deals that set sail throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, the South Pacific and Africa.

Explore your dream destinations with panoramic views across different continents in a one-of-a-kind experience. 

"We'll Take It From Here."

ITravel Sutherland is dedicated to making every trip a memorable one for each and every client, just decide where you're going and when and leave the rest to itravel.

iTravel is a member of one of Australia's most exciting and progressive travel groups. They have been operating since August 2003 and have a team of 12 staff and many, many years of combined experience.

They offer friendly service and their professional team will always go the extra mile when booking your next holiday. This is acknowledged through the support of their loyal clients who have been travelling and booking their holidays with their dedicated staff for over 30 years.

Contact I Travel Sutherland Today!

Address: 814 Old Princes Highway Sutherland
Phone: 02 9585 1155
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am til 5:30pm, Saturday 9am til 3pm, Sunday closed. Facebook

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