It’s Book Week!

If you see some strange and unusual little people wandering around the Shire this week, don’t stress, it’s just Book Week! Most primary/infant schools, preschools, and daycare centres will be having a parade of book characters with children dressing up as their favourite characters.


There will be book fairs and opportunities to explore books in many ways. Some schools will even receive visits from local authors to run workshops about writing stories and reading different books. 


Celebrating Book Week is an important event in most school calendars. Getting your child involved in these events can be a great way of introducing children to a lifelong love of reading and the delight of a good book. 


While some parents hate the challenge of finding costumes for their kids, others will simply buy a ready-made costume.  Some will relish in the opportunity to be creative.  If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a helping hand.


If you are making a costume, it’s a good idea to choose characters that have normal clothes as a base, then you just need to fashion some accessories to turn your child into that character. For example, Peter Pan can wear green pants and a green t-shirt as the base – you just need a hat with a feather in it. 


Enid Blyton’s Noddy character wears a red shirt and blue shorts, which many kids will already have in their wardrobes. Grab a piece of yellow fabric for his neck scarf and wear red shoes. Then, you just need a blue beanie or cone hat made of cardboard and a gold-painted foam ball to make a great bell. 


Harry Potter and the Hogwarts crew are popular choices for older children and it’s quite easy to make a costume with a black robe and a Hogwarts scarf. A wand can easily be made from a couple of painted straws! 


Get your child involved in making the costume as much as possible so it feels like its theirs. Start by helping them to select a favourite character from a book you’ve read together or a book they’ve read recently. 


Make it a fun afternoon creative project with your child to create a costume they will love so they can show off how great they look as their favourite character to their friends.


Book week is also a great opportunity to enjoy reading a new book or a new genre. 


However your child and school or child care centre is celebrating book week, encouraging children to explore and love books is always a great thing. 


Shire Talk is giving away a copy of the first Creative Kids Tales Story Collection written by local authors and other authors around Australia. The short stories are a mixture of funny stories, true histories, and outrageous fantasy stories that children aged from five to 13 will love. 


To win, post your favourite Book Week photograph of your child on the Shire Talk Facebook page 


Please only post photos of your own children and by posting a photo, you are giving Shire Talk permission to use the photo on a blog post and in our newsletter. 



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