Klips & Kurls: Engadine’s Inclusive Haven for Hair Care

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Just outside of Engadine's bustling town square lies a fantastic local hair salon called Klips & Kurls. The salon is a testament to resilience and a haven for hair care seekers.

Cassandra Marr, the visionary behind this beloved establishment, brings 22 years of hairdressing expertise, 13 of which have been dedicated to nurturing this cherished local business.

I grew up in Ryde and moved to the shire for my husband who grew up here and the opportunity presented itself for me to run my own business.

Hailing from Ryde, her journey to the Sutherland Shire was not just a geographical shift but a leap towards realizing her dream of owning a salon that resonates with warmth, inclusivity, and unparalleled service.

Foundations of Dedication and Triumph

Cassandra's journey was far from easy.

Despite earning the prestigious Apprentice of the Year award during her tenure at Medowbank TAFE, she encountered adversity due to her hearing impairment.

I endured many hardships and discrimination due to being deaf but it made me more eager to succeed and prove those who doubted me wrong!

Yet, this served as fuel for her determination, propelling her forward to prove her skeptics wrong and carve her path in an industry she's deeply passionate about.

The Spark Igniting Passion

The roots of Cassandra's passion for hairdressing run deep. Her desire to be an entrepreneur, combined with a love for the craft, paved the way for Klips & Kurls.

We are know for being a friendly family salon that listens to your needs and try our very best to achieve them"

The opportune moment collided with her fervent aspiration, beckoning her to create a salon where every client's desires are not just heard but meticulously realized.

Inclusivity and Affordability: Klips & Kurls' Pioneering Edge

What sets Klips & Kurls apart isn't just their expertise; it's their ethos of inclusivity. This salon is a sanctuary that embraces diversity and shuns discrimination, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued.

Moreover, they've redefined affordability in premium hair services, making regular hair maintenance a reality for all, bolstering not just hair but self-assurance.

Unveiling the Unmatched Excellence

At Klips & Kurls, excellence isn't just a promise; it's a standard. They exclusively utilize the renowned KEUNE color and CPR products, tailored to suit each client's unique needs.

We use KEUNE colour and products as well as CPR products and we believe in the way they work for each and everyone’s individual needs."

Their belief in these products resonates through every service, ensuring not just satisfaction but sheer delight for every individual walking through their doors.

Shire Rewards: Unlocking the Ultimate Pampering Experience

For those exploring Klips & Kurls for the first time, Shire Rewards beckons with an irresistible offer for all new Klips & Kurls loyalty rewards members.

A staggering $100 off on your next visit, accompanied by complimentary products and treatments, is a gesture that transcends pampering—it's a gesture asserting that self-care is an essential need.

We are offering $100 off the first use as well as free products and treatments as we believe everyone deserves to be pampered it’s a NEED not a WANT."

Embrace Engadine's Hair Oasis

Nestled in the Sutherland Shire, Klips & Kurls beckons as Engadine's hair sanctuary, where expertise meets empathy. Their specials and ongoing offers on Shire Rewards aren't just deals; they're invitations to indulge in top-notch care at a fraction of the cost.

For those seeking not just a hair service but an experience that nurtures confidence and individuality, Klips & Kurls is the answer.

The Community's Embrace: Klips & Kurls' Enduring Legacy

Beyond being a salon, Klips & Kurls has woven itself into the fabric of Engadine. It's more than a place for hair upkeep; it's a space fostering connections, camaraderie, and self-expression.

We love what we do and enjoy being at work every day we are open.

Cassandra's vision transcends business—it's about fostering a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and beautiful.

Engadine's Invigorating Haven: Step Into Klips & Kurls

Step into Klips & Kurls, where passion, expertise, and inclusivity converge to redefine hair care. This local gem, adorned with awards and accolades, isn't just about transforming looks; it's about transforming lives.

Cassandra's commitment to her craft, coupled with the team's dedication, ensures that every visit isn't just a service—it's a celebration of uniqueness.

Contact Us

Email: cassafly@hotmail.com
Website: Klipsandkurls
+61 498 964 007


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