LinkedIn Pages Releases Quarterly Update

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is great for connecting on a professional level, so you’ll be pleased to know this quarter’s platform update is all about new in-page features.

Being authentic is a really important factor in a customer’s decision-making process – see our article on being credible. And having a strong brand presence online, particularly within a professional realm, supports this. These recent updates enable you to build upon this through content, engagement, and targeting.

1. Employee Notifications
If your business profile has your employees directly connected to it, you can now send them a notification on a post or article that you feel would be important to their role or your business. The member of staff can then react, comment or share the content. By doing so, they become an advocate of your business and give it the personal dimension, adding to its credibility.

The business/admin can only do this once a week so that they don’t end up being bombarded with new content; making it clean, clear and visible to your prospects. You can then use your analytics to measure its level of engagement.


2. Celebration & Recognition of Team Moments
Have something to share with your team? Won an award or received an accolade? Perhaps you’ve attended a networking or conference event together. Whatever it is, this feature allows you to engage with your current employees. This goes towards promoting your business as a community of people who are acknowledged for what they do for your company.


3. Personalised Business Profile Completion Meter
For some time there has been a meter monitoring how much of your personal profile you have completed. Now the same is available for your business. Plus, there is a bonus – once it’s all filled in LinkedIn will automatically suggest new content for you that is related to your business’ target audience. It allows you to read and share relevant content and even use it as part of your knowledge bank for employees.

Don’t forget everything that is posted, shared or commented on can be the inspiration for new content for your own website or profile.  Team moments can be written about for a blog article and shared, or to utilise in your sales pitches; whilst comments on a team notification can be the impetus for a team discussion.


If you have ideas for content or blogs, but not sure you have the time.  Or would like some suggestions on how to repurpose your own content, reach out to us.

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