Find That Sweet Spot At Cronulla’s Newest Dessert Bar And Cafe, Marvelicious.

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Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First!

Located in the heart of Cronulla Mall, Marvelicious Dessert Bar & Cafe is a must-visit and your new go-to for some truly amazing sweet treats and desserts. Marvelicious is a Cafe during the day and a quirky dessert haven by night.

From the classics to the wildly unique, Marvelicious is definitely one of those places that you get excited about on the way there. A quick flick through their Instagram on the way in and I assure you your order will already be locked in before you even sit down!

Don't be fooled though, Marvelicious isn't "just" desserts. Even though it's the perfect place to satisfy your 'post-dinner' cravings (or pre lol), it’s also a great place to meet up for breaky or lunch.

Their menu hosts a wide range of traditional breakfast and lunch options like the Breaky Wrap, Smashed Avo and the Classic BLT.

They also have a long list of delicious cocktails including their signature dessert cocktails that CANNOT be missed. It's no wonder why their tagline reads "Where Sweet dreams are created to be discovered and enjoyed."

Well, we discovered, and we enjoyed it, we enjoyed it A LOT.

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How One "Sweet Dream" Became a Reality For Owner Ellice.

French-trained chef, chocolatier, and business owner, Ellice is no stranger to the hospitality world, with over a decade of exceptional experience.

She is an alumni of the world renowned blue ribbon culinary school ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ where she graduated as dux earning her Grand Diploma in Patisserie and Cuisine.

Ellice has worked alongside Michelin star chefs and has been a part of patisserie teams for large corporate events.

She has worked across multiple hospitality venues from Big Hotel brands, The Royal Easter Show, to New Zealand’s biggest racing event of the year Addington Cup Day.

“Marvelicious was once just a dream to me. Now, I can’t believe I have a physical space and a growing community. I was glad I started my business because I now have a place to put my passion and expertise.”

Salty OR Sweet? What's your preference?

Each dish on the menu showcases her exceptional years of experience and her true passion for desserts and patisserie. Marvelicious is also home of COCO Whip - a healthy vegan soft serve ice cream that is also dairy and gluten free.

A Dessert Bar in Cronulla With A Unique Twist On Modern Day Classics

Marvelicious is quickly gaining popularity around the Sutherland Shire due to Ellice's unique twists on modern day classics mixing sweet with savoury.

I mean, just check out some of these menu items: Doughnut fries, Apple pie nachos, Banana split tacos, and Fairy bread cheesecake just to name a few.

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Oh and if you're looking for somewhere to grab a drink (AND impress your friends) before your night out you HAVE to try their cocktail menu. Indulge in Ellice's delicious concoctions like the lemon meringue, cookies & cream, chocolate martini, strawberry shortcake and the milky wave.

Tummy Friendly - Home Of Coco Whip!

Marvelicious is also home of COCO Whip - A popular healthy vegan soft serve ice cream that is also dairy and gluten free. Perfect for those suffering with stomach intolerances.

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While Marvelicious is primarily a dessert haven, like we've mentioned, it's a great little Cafe during the day for coffee or a delicious healthy smoothie too. Our smoothie favs: The Honey Banana and The Mixed Berry.

Marvelicious is a truly unique offering to catch up with friends and family with parking in the mall or behind the Cafe in Surf Lane easily accessible.

Earn points and redeem exclusive deals and discounts happening from Marvelicious.

So what are you waiting for?

If you love your sweet slices and cakes and think a dreamy Saturday afternoon includes great coffee, good company and a side of doughnut fries with chocolate dipping sauce then put Marvelicious Dessert Bar and Cafe at the top of your to-do list.

You won't regret it.

Contact Marvelicious

TEL: (02) 8539 3410
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