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Starting up a brand new business can be tough in this day and age but thanks to the team at Medusa Creative marketing your brand to the world just got a whole lot easier.

Local Shire startup, Medusa Creative, was founded to make starting up a business or managing a brand a smooth and stress-free process.

The creative team offers brand and logo design, website design, social media content creation and copy writing services that can elevate your business

How They Turn Business Dreams into Reality

Once a client has reached out to Medusa Creative the team will devote time to getting to know their business, products, the industry and their competitors.

They will then offer a complimentary consultation to discuss branding goals and what working with Medusa Creative truly looks like.

Clients will receive personal one on one service from project launch until handover. This ensures that the brand vision has been brought to life exactly as imagined.

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The Brain Behind The Business

Medusa Creative Founder, Mary Ladu, is a mother from The Sutherland Shire who turned her own dream into reality and hopes to achieve the same with others.

Mary finds her happiness in sunshine, the smell of ocean air, great food and great company. She is a true Shire supporter and says the lifestyle here is one of the best.

Medusa Creative Founder, Mary Ladu, turned her dream into reality and hopes to do the same with others.

She seeks inspiration from fellow small business owners and wishes she could tell her younger self to always follow her true passion.

If you realise what you’ve been doing no longer feeds your soul, change your path."

Mary Ladu, Medusa Creative Founder

Mary once worked as a Marketing Manager for an international company but craved creative freedom and the ability to work with brands across different industries.

Thus, Mary started up Medusa Creative, where she can now learn new niches and work with people from around the world on their brand identity.

About Medusa Creative

The creative agency was founded to help new business owners build their brand identity and empower those who are new or don't have time to work on digital marketing.

Often business marketing can be left neglected or quickly put together with no research or strategy. Medusa Creative is here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers.

The team values the importance of marketing in this digital age and provides exclusive web and graphic designs.

Copywriting is another vital aspect of web design that's highly valued by the team, as it grabs the reader’s attention and creates a navigational flow.

Medusa Creative is your brand’s secret weapon, offering brand and logo design, website design, social media content creation and copywriting."

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Elevate Your Brand With These Exclusive Services

Medusa Creative offers four exclusive service packages that can elevate your business and take it to new heights.

The Logos and Branding service helps build strong brand identity within a business surrounding the logo, design, fonts, colour palates and brand voice.

Website Design can elevate your business' online presence by creating a website designed with your customer's experience in mind.

Medusa Creative's Social Media package will help your brand stand out from competitors with engaging content that remains true to your brand.

Copywriting services will help boost traffic with compelling copies that tell your brand story and resonate with your audience.

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Medusa Creative is here to help all businesses in the Shire elevate their brand and take their business marketing from boring to the best in the biz.

Whether you may be starting your business from scratch, looking to make a few changes or accelerate your brand growth, the Medusa Creative Team is here to help.


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