Illawong Foodies Rejoice! One Of The BEST Mediterranean Restaurants has just joined Shire Rewards

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Imagine tasting the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean without having to leave the Shire? Digging into fresh falafel, crisp flatbread, halloumi, tabouli and more.

Are your taste buds tingling yet? Ours are. And for good reason. Just check out these mouth watering (and gorgeous looking) Mediterranean dishes below. You're welcome.

Mediterranean cuisine is often associated with healthy eating, as it features fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. The Chefs at Mezzaterra have really knocked this out of the park offering a range of healthy options for even the most health-conscious diners.

A Feast Built For The Community

Mezzaterra is intensely passionate about the traditional culture of the Sutherland Shire. Ameen Scott, the founder and owner of Mezzaterra, holds the traditional owners of the land on which the restaurant is located in high respect. 

We are loving this! Well done team.

Thus, Mezzaterra aims to create nothing but a delicious and fine feast centred around the local community and it's values. You can check out their menu here.

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We have built an inclusive and festive restaurant in Illawong to promote sharing and community. Through our delicious and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, we hope that you come together with your family and friends to share meals and make lasting memories at our place.”

Ameen - Owner

"Plus, trying a new restaurant can be a fun and exciting way to break out of a dining rut. Our new Mediterranean restaurant offers a unique dining experience that residents won't want to miss." Ameen explains.

Become A Mezzaterra Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Mezzaterra, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

Mediterranean Food With A Modern Twist

Mezzaterra offers delicious and authentic Mediterranean food with a modern-day twist. The tasty spices and flavours have inspired Ameen and his team to create a unique menu. 

We have carefully chosen our food and drink options to suit the concept of our restaurant. Our professional cooks have come up with the best ideas to modernise traditional Mediterranean favourites, including mushroom risotto, Meshaweh platter, and wagyu beef shawarma,”

Our specialties are also a fusion of Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish cuisine. As part of the land between waters in Sutherland Shire, Mezzaterra serves the freshest fish and seafood in Illawong.” 


The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with plenty of tasty menu items to enjoy. Some breakfast favourites include Turkish eggs, honey ricotta toast and Shakshouka.

When lunch rolls around the homemade falafel, southern calamari, Makanek and Fattoush are a true treat for foodies.

The dinner menu includes a variety of platters, traditional Samaki, chicken Shawarma, lamb shoulder, seafood and more. There's something for everyone at Mezzaterra, just take a look at their new Cafe menu here.

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Embrace a New Culture in The Shire

A goal for this restaurant is to introduce the culture and traditions of the Mediterranean people to The Shire. The staff wish to and broaden the palettes of local diners with their unique menu. 

Ameen expressed how he and his staff have made this possible. “Our website and menu contain a guide for our abundant menu options. We have listed there a list of words and their meanings so that our customers will understand our menu and at the same time learn about Mediterranean culture and cuisine.”

Mezzaterra offers fried Kibbeh and Kibbeh Nayyeh. According to the menu guide, Kibbeh is a Middle Eastern dish made of ground lamb with bulgur, cracked wheat and seasonings, eaten cooked or raw, while Nayyeh means raw. Therefore, fried Kibbeh is cooked ground lamb, while Kibbeh Nayyeh is uncooked. 

An Alcohol-Free Destination in the Shire

As restaurant that's centred on the community, Mezzaterra does not offer alcoholic drinks.

The idea behind this is they want families and friends to gather around their delicious meals and remember the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Mezzaterra is a happy and sober place where lasting memories are made. Our team believes diners can enjoy and savour food better even with zero alcohol,” Ameen disclosed.

Besides, we have a broad selection of zero-alcohol drinks for you to choose from. We serve virgin cocktails like Pink Spritz, Margarita, and Amaretti Sour that are better than alcohol to pair with Mediterranean meals”

Become A Mezzaterra Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Mezzaterra, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

Your Next Venue For Celebrations

The ambiance of a restaurant can make or break the dining experience. Mezzaterra offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with decor and music that transport diners to the Mediterranean region.

The restaurant has great space for group meetings, birthday parties, engagement celebrations, corporate functions, charity events and more.

The team behind Mezzaterra will handle everything from setting up the event, to cooking tasty meals for sharing and will make each and every guest leave satisfied.

Book A Table

Location: 273A Fowler Road, Illawong
Phone: 02 9532 0543

Opening hours: 5pm until 10pm, Tuesday to Friday and 7am until 10pm Saturday to Sunday.

Next time you're craving a meal that will make your mouth-water take a trip to Mezzaterra for the ultimate Mediterranean feast with Lebanese, Greek and Turkish flair.

Local foodies can stay up to date with the Illawong-based restaurant on their Website or follow their social media on Instagram and Facebook.


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