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If you haven't been to Miss Jaffles yet you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Not only is their coffee amazing, their menu has one of the most unique offerings we've come across in recent times. Sure, you can still get "eggs your way" or "corn and zucchini fritters" with your morning coffee.. both are fantastic options.

However, you're not going to Miss Jaffles for eggs on toast no no no... Just have a quick look at the pictures below and tell me your mouth is not watering. Miss Jaffles is the name and JAFFLES are their game!

Award-Winning Jaffle Shop In The Heart Of Cronulla

Aussies love jaffles and always have! The charm of this kind of toasted sandwich is its potential to incorporate different stuffing and flavour combinations. A typical "jaffle" uses classic ingredients like cheese, ham, tomato, chicken, mayonnaise, bacon, and egg. 

Miss Jaffles in Cronulla

The team behind Miss Jaffles have taken things to ANOTHER level. No boring bits here!

With concoctions like the Miss Biscoff, The Miss Hang Over and The Miss Pizzeria it's no wonder that Miss Jaffles was awarded by WOTIF.com as Australia’s best jaffle house in 2021, taking out the win from 12 other finalists.

And mind you, they had only just open their doors too! A-mazing...

See their full menu here >>>

Sweet or Savoury? Miss Jaffles has both and we're obsessed!

Miss Jaffles offers over 20+ different kinds of jaffles. Yes, you read that right. 23 to be exact. There's the basic jaffle menu, with classics like the Miss Keep It Simple (ham, cheese, tomato), Miss Hawaii (ham, cheese, pineapple), and Miss Cheesy (brie, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese w/ onion relish and shallots). 

...and by the way, the basics are legit better than ANYTHING I've ever tried to throw into Mums old Breville, just saying...

But things get even more interesting as you work your way down the list with signature jaffles like the Miss Hangover, which is stuffed with bacon, hash brown, fried egg, cheese, onion relish, and a choice of sauce. (OMG)

or the Miss Miggi which is packed full of (you guessed it) MiGoreng noodles, shallots, double cheese, fried eggs served with dipping sauce. Yeah nah, that'll do me 🤤

(Vegan and lactose-free cheese are also available on request, NICE!)   

Oh, did I mention they have a dessert menu? Yeah well, they do and it's EPIC. Sink your teeth into the Miss Biscoff (please, you have to), bulging at the seams with Caramilk, Biscoff, and ice cream topped with strawberries and Caramilk drizzle.

There's also the Miss Apple Pie, Miss Nutella and the Miss Berrilicious and sweet and tasty smoothies and milkshakes available too. YUM!

Miss Jaffles is open from 6am to 2:30pm and is the perfect little spot to drop by for a cup of coffee to start your day. Other than the classic latte, cappuccino, and espresso, their signature Caramilk coffee has hooked both coffee and chocolate lovers all over the Shire.

Jaffles near you within cronulla and sutherland shire

Miss Jaffles Cafe

Miss Jaffles is located at 9/20 Geralle Street underneath the Cecil Apartments, Cronulla. For enquiries, don’t hesitate to call 0427 734 116. 


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