Yeah Listen, Pin The Tail On The Donkey Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It In 2023

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It’s every parents' dream to give their child a birthday celebration they will remember for a lifetime. But listen up mums and dads, it's not 1986 anymore. It's 2023 and to be honest, pin the tail on the donkey looks utterly boring on social media.

Enter MR Fun Party Hire. The literal 'Shire Kings' of kids' entertainment. They've got some of the coolest soft-play equipment on offer and it's all incredibly insta-worthy too.

Not only do Mr Fun provide the entertainment they also provide some amazing finishing touches to your party like beautifully curated balloon garlands, custom props, signage. They even work with local event spaces and catering services.

If your kids LOVE to jump, climb, spin, tumble (and generally run a muck with their friends till they collapse) then Mr Fun Party Hire is where it's at.

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The Joy Of Seeing Kids Have Fun

Nothing feels more satisfying than seeing your child smiling, laughing and having an absolute ball on their special day. With help from Mr Fun Party Hire you can make their event one guests (and your fellow mum friends) will never forget.

"Mr Fun Party Hire has a full range of soft party equipment. The team delivers maximum excitement and happiness to all the kids without hassles and safety risks.” 

Mr Fun Party hire stocks a range of fun sets that are available and sure to keep little ones entertained for hours. These sets come with ball pits, bridges, ladders and other equipment perfect for children's parties.

Mr Fun Party Hire was founded by Rene Bekeredjian, he and his team are passionate about bringing life and fun to parties. He said, “No kiddie event is complete without games and play. That’s why we’re here to bring the fun element to the party."

Perfect Play Sets For All Themes

Mr Fun Party Hire’s choice of colour for their ball pit and party equipment is no accident. White and cream colours were deliberately chosen to display a luxe look and conveniently go with all themes or colour schemes. 

The ball pit and soft party equipment create lasting memories. The luxurious white and cream play area is ideal for Instaworthy photoshoots. They offer a safe and enjoyable play space that kids love and parents can feel good about.

A variety of jumping castles in all sizes are also available in stunning colours and adorned with balloons. Customers can also rent a balloon arch which can be used as the perfect entryway piece.

Our party set-up looks great in virtually all party themes. We’ve tried assembling them in boho-themed birthdays, girly pink designs, and more. Our soft play makes the best combo with any event decorations.”

Become A Mr Fun Party Hire Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Mr Fun Party Hire, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

A Selection of Unique Kiddie Packages

The party equipment rental business offers a selection of fun packages for a wide range of events. Little ones can enjoy the mini 2m x 2m ball pit, complete with an easy-climb ladder and 9 EVA mats.

The team can also add in a soft tunnel slide, two vintage silver cars and three more EVA mats for a bigger play area. We told you they bring the fun!

Mr Fun Party Hire also offers a mid-fun set that includes a medium-sized playground, with the standard ball pit and ladder, rainbow bridge, doughnut and more. 

No matter what party, Mr Fun Party Hire has you covered, with six different soft play sets, three different backdrop sets and stunning balloon arches!

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Soft Ball Pits Are A Safe Space to Have Fun

The white ball pit is a staple at every kid's party with Mr Fun Party Hire. Event organisers can rent this ball pit alone or together with other soft play equipment.

According to Rene, “It’s rewarding to hear parents’ remarks about our ball pit and soft play area. They tell us how our safe space becomes a ground for building friendships and creating fun memories that last a lifetime.

But, don’t just take their word for it, make a booking for your next event and try out the soft ball pit for yourself. We know the kids will absolutely love it!

“The best set up and equipment. These guys have done my son's first birthday, and then christening, and all the kids loved every minute set looks fantastic. They are super accommodating and easy to deal with.”

Happy customer

What Do Locals Have To Say?

Locals are absolutely loving Mr Fun Party Hire and admire their help in transforming celebrations! Here's what some past customers had to say:

"The team was amazing to work with; fast, efficient & professional. Most importantly, the kids had an absolute blast! Will definitely be using their services again."

"The best set up and equipment! These guys did my sons first birthday and then christening, all the kids loved every minute. Set looked fantastic and they are super accomodating and easy to deal with."

"From start to finish, great service, easy to deal with, flexible and the set up was great for our little guys 1st birthday party, all kids had a ball!"

Become A Mr Fun Party Hire Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Mr Fun Party Hire, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

Don’t Spoil the Fun! It's Party Time!

Next time you're planning a birthday celebration for your toddler, christening for your newborn, or simple get-together with the kids, take your event to the next level with Mr Fun Party Hire.

Their amusing ball pit, rainbow bridges, backdrops and more will bring instant smiles and become the finishing touch to any party. 

Why not visit Mr. Fun Party Hire’s website and see how their special equipment can take your next event to a whole new level. It's party time!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to see how amazing the mini, mid and maxi fun sets look in different event environments too!

Contact Mr Fun Party Hire

Phone: 0414 605 224
Social Media: Facebook Instagram

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