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George dared to be different. For George, Nina’s Chocolates was about creating an inclusive world where humble favourites could live alongside artisanal gourmet delights. It was this vision that led him to push the chocolate making boundaries of the time and be known for crafting true taste sensations.

Each chocolate is handcrafted, with a secret ingredient… a pinch of sweetness straight from the hearts of Nina's Chocolates' expert chocolatiers. Perfect for gifting, special occasions, or any day ending in “Y”, Nina's Chocolates offer an extensive selection of specially crafted artisan chocolates.

Local Business Awards Champions!

With two locations in The Shire - Gymea and Engadine, Nina’s has your next chocolate snack attack well and truly covered.

Experience the Difference

You can immediately notice the difference between Nina's Chocolates and the boring mass produced chocolates you usually buy in stores. Nina's Chocolates not only look fancy, with elaborate designs, but each velvety smooth morsel tap dances across your tongue.

The range of sweet delights come in various fun shapes and sizes that are indeed a delight to the eyes…and taste buds. Check out the full range here >>>

Besides the state-of-the-art chocolate designs, Nina's Chocolates stand out from the crowd because of their unique taste. Nina's Chocolates offer hundreds of different flavours you can choose from. 

From traditional favourite flavours like chocolate fudge, salted caramel, and black forest to the more unusual ones such as chilli, fig, and piña colada, Nina's Chocolates has an unchallenged way of making unique chocolate flavours.

"I believe what sets us apart from others is how we offer both classic chocolate favourites and exquisite gourmet delights," George, co-owner of Nina's Chocolates, told the team. He wanted to be different, and Nina's Chocolates is the realisation of his dream of crafting true taste sensations.

Handcrafted by Expert Chocolatiers

Nina's Chocolates is made up of a team of world-class chocolatiers. Their chocolatiers all have a natural talent for crafting artisanal delights and delectable flavours. George has trained them to capture what truly defines taste sensations. 

"Our chocolatiers are passionate, dedicated, and naturally fun-loving. We love what we're doing, and I think it adds a sweet factor to our products. Our team also just tries to be creative when we design our chocolates.

We have our customers in mind and want them to feel happy and special from their first bite to the last," George described his expert team of hand picked chocolatiers. 

Specialty Chocolate Shop in Gymea

Many special sweet treats are available at Nina's Chocolates. Their specialties come in fun and unique forms. 

Chocolate thins are a very popular order at Nina's Chocolates. Imagine: Crushed thin layers of premium chocolate mixed with peanuts, coconut, macadamia, peppermint, almonds, honeycomb and even musk. Chocolate thins are handmade and hand-packed, so they’re uniquely special in every way. 

Chocolate fairy buttons, plaques, and lettergrams are also popular gift choices. Fairy buttons are adorable round Belgian chocolate with colourful sprinkles on top, while plaques are rectangular chocolates decorated with messages of love.

Discover Nina's Signature Chocolate Boxes.

Create your own, gift a friend or family member or leave it to Nina's expert chocolatiers to select a beautiful assortment of our freshest milk, dark and white gourmet chocolates.

Create your own box here >>>

They’re perfect for any occasion Birthdays, Anniversaries and anytime a Congratulations is in order! You can also create your message to make it a more personalised and unique gift.

Other must-try specialties at Nina's Chocolates include:

Taste Sensations For Every Occasion

While every day is a chocolate day, chocolates can make a special day a perfect occasion. For every important day such as, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, or corporate events, you can count on Nina's world-class chocolates to make it taste that little bit sweeter!

Made with premium and carefully selected ingredients, Nina's Chocolates are the perfect sweet bites to serve at your events. They also make special gifts that will be cherished by everyone lucky enough to be gifted a handcrafted Nina’s specialty.

Nina's chocolates come in gorgeous gift boxes to make the receiver feel extra special and loved.  Events & Special Occasions

Nina's Chocolates can create bespoke chocolate arrangements for special events such as your wedding day, Christening, anniversary, or baby shower. The award-winning chocolatiers can make unique forms and objects out of chocolate.

Chocolate wine bottles, bonbonnieres, bouquets, and figurines are just some of the exquisite handmade chocolates that Nina's Chocolates have crafted. 

Nina's Sweet Success

Fuelled by their passion, dedication and a fun-loving Australian spirit. Their team of talented Chocolatiers have travelled to Nina's from near and far.

Trained under George’s watchful eye, our Chocolatiers are known for their culinary excellence, natural talent for the artisanal hand made craft, and their unique ability to capture the essence of what makes a Nina’s chocolate a truly memorable taste sensation.

Award Winning

Today, with over 100 prestigious awards won, and over 120 handcrafted varieties on offer, Nina’s Chocolates continues our promise to deliver the finest, most delectable, taste sensations for all of life’s celebrations.

"I am happy that our chocolatiers here at Nina's Chocolates received the recognition and praise we all deserve. It's an honour and, at the same time, a motivation.

Knowing that we are an award-winning artisan chocolatier in Sydney fuels us to provide the finest, most delectable taste sensations in the area."

May, Co-Owner.


GYMEA - 27 Gymea Bay Road
9526 6770
ENGADINE - Shop 8, 1067 Old Princes Highway
9520 0438
Email - info@ninaschocolates.com.au

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