Ray White Sutherland Shire – Five habits of our most successful leaders

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One of the truly wonderful things about the real estate industry is the diversity that exists. Especially now, during a rapidly evolving business landscape, with vast technological advancements, our options around leadership have never been more diverse. This is reflected in our network where we see many different shapes and sizes of businesses.

There is so much individuality stamped on each of our great businesses, there are also some consistencies that are evident among our greatest leaders.


Our fastest growing and best leaders are gifted with the ability to implement great ideas, and many seem to be able to do it with urgency.

We all know how to ‘do’ real estate, there are no secrets around how to be successful in this game. However, in any market place the ‘thirds rule’ applies. One third will grow, one third will plateau and one third will decline.

The top set are always quick to implement when a great idea is presented. Sometimes this is aided by ensuring the best person for the task is appointed to get the job done, this may not always be the leader.


We operate in a marketplace that is in a constant state of flux. Not only the swinging pendulum of rising or falling prices, but new technologies and new competitors mean we are always needing to adjust to the conditions of the day.

When presented with the evidence, our best operators are quick to pivot, whether that means adopting something new or letting go of what is no longer relevant to the current state of play.

Meet the directors - Gavin Ottaway

With over ten years sales experience and in that time being recognised as one of the area’s top agents and multiple award winner, shows Gavin’s ability to get the best results for his client.

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A real estate business is laden with tasks. Some of those are shiny and exciting, such as listing or selling a property, many are repetitive and mundane. We all know too well the ‘good month – bad month’ shape of a business that is reactive and under-resourced.

Once the penny drops that we are responsible for all aspects of the business, great leaders will accept that responsibility and great things happen.

It’s not (all) about the money

The opportunity to earn a great income lures many to our industry, and the good operators will find a path to an above average income before too long. Oftentimes the comfort built after several years of success means the hunger to continue to build the business can wane. Our greatest leaders seem to be wired differently.

Driven by something greater than financial stability. Brian White is quoted as saying “There is no finish line”, and this ethos is echoed by our most dynamic leaders who strive to keep getting better where many succumb to mediocrity.

Meet the directors - Matt Debreczeni

During his career he has facilitated numerous sales of quality homes and apartments throughout the area. Despite an ever-changing market, he consistently sets high standards and achieves record results.

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Open to feedback

We all love hearing about what a great job we did after a success, but we are wired to avoid negative feedback. However there is so much opportunity for growth in our mistakes. The best are able to be humble in the face of their errors and seek feedback from peers whenever possible.

Cameron Laing
Owner | Director
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