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A uniform is what can instantly unite a team, transform an entire workplace and can ultimately be what gets your business recognised by the public eye.

Shire Workwear is a one-stop shop for workwear, uniforms and PPE available for a variety of different occupations including kitchen staff, chefs, office attire, tradies and even firemen.

Their custom services include embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer, and digital printing, among others. They use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that the finished products are of the highest quality.


Custom Workwear In Kirrawee

Shire Workwear understands the need for high-quality apparel in different industries, so they only stock the best workwear brands that use only the highest quality materials.

They can even add your company logo to uniforms (custom design work available on request) or even create custom designs for a unique look. This will set your business apart from competitors and create a cohesive image.

The team understand that your brand matters to you and perception is so incredibly important when it comes to running your business.

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The Best Range Of PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) workwear is important in ensuring the safety of workers in various industries. PPE workwear includes items such as gloves, safety glasses, helmets, earplugs, respirators, and full-body suits, among others, that protect workers from potential hazards in the workplace.

Shire Workwear pride themselves on stocking some of the best PPE and protective wear in the Sutherland shire. From goggles, glasses, boots, shirts and Hi-Vis, to custom fire-resistant overalls, jackets and pants.

Work safety is no joke! Wearing PPE workwear is often a legal requirement in many industries and workplaces. Non-compliance can result in fines or other penalties for employers.

PPE workwear can also help increase workers' confidence and job satisfaction, as they feel protected and secure while performing their duties. It's really a no brainer to invest in quality gear EVERY time.

Quality Apparel For Your Business.

Their store stocks a wide variety of uniform options, personal protective equipment and footwear all under one roof.

Pop into their showroom 3/48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee. It's worth getting seeing the quality of their gear up close. Here you'll find plenty of Hi-Vis shirts, polos, hoodies, pants, fleeces, jackets and overalls to try on. 


One thing we noticed when we jumped onto their online store was their amazing range of (seriously stylish) hospitality uniforms by Yes Chef.

This included everything from aprons to chef jackets and everything in between. Available in a variety of colours so you can find something that suits your restaurant's aesthetic.

Not only are these uniforms stylish but they're also practical, with features like stain resistance and breathable fabrics to keep your staff feeling comfortable and confident.

Visit their online store here.

Become A Shire Workwear Loyalty Member

Earn points and redeem exclusive Deals and Discounts happening from Shire Workwear, simply fill out the form below to become a VIP. They have a GREAT one-time offer waiting for you inside the Shire Rewards app just for signing up!

A-Class Customer Service And The Best Brands Available

Shire Workwear has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about providing excellent customer service.

They work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and can provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

We know how important it is to have quality apparel in the workforce. Which is why our customers and clients keep on coming back to us every time. It's hard to find apparel that lasts season to season."

Some of their partners are well-known brands including Syzmik Workwear, Portwest, Yes Chef, JB’s Wear, Bootmakers Oliver, Biz Collection, Winning Spirit, Flexfit, and Bocini. 

One of the key strengths of Shire Workwear is their ability to deliver customized workwear and apparel quickly and efficiently.

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With such large inventory of products in stock and can also source products from their extensive network of suppliers if needed. This allows them to provide fast turnaround times and ensure that clients receive their orders on time.

Shop at Shire Workwear Today!

Address: 3/48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee
Opening hours: 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment only.
Phone: 8581 2390
Social media: Instagram Facebook

To see their showroom, you can visit 3/48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee, NSW. The store is open from 9 AM to 4 PM on weekdays. No matter what industry you’re in, Shire Workwear has the right clothing solution to make you feel comfortable, safe and stylish at work. 

Their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy local business in the Shire is what we love the most about them. Their wide range of products and personalised services make them an excellent choice for small businesses of all sizes and industries.

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