The Sutherland Shire’s Top 3 Most Scenic Walks

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In this episode of Shire Talk TV we embark on a journey to the Sutherland Shire's top 3 most scenic walking destinations. If you're up for a challenge, love the outdoors, and crave a little adventure every now and then, then this episode is for you!

Bullawarring Track

Do you love a good adventure, and love looking after your health and well-being? Give the Bullawaring Track a go. 

This hidden gem is located in the Heathcote National Park, a roughly two-hour walk down the sometimes challenging, well-kept track. Have a listen to the local birds chirping and look out for some beautiful plants and local wildlife as you head past the Kingfisher Pool’s camping ground. 

Heathcote NP: Kingfisher Pool.

In summer, this natural pool is great for a swim.

After roughly six caves walked, two hours well-used, 10,000 steps taken, and 750 calories burnt, you’ll be feeling accomplished and ready to go again. 

Next up:

The Cronulla Beach Walking Track

The Cronulla Beach Esplanade is a local favourite all year round. A simple pathway to follow along with beautiful coastal views. The Esplanade is perfect for all fitness levels.

You can modify the walk by starting or ending anywhere. It’s a seven (7) kilometre track that takes 2 hours, 10,000 steps and 700 calories to finish. 

Take in the scenery by the shoreline of the beaches or discover child-friendly ocean rock pools, playgrounds, picnic spots, barbecue areas and cafes.

Be sure to pop into the new Bianchini's @ Elouera Surf Club or The Barefoot Cafe down by the waters edge at South Cronulla Beach.

Garie Beach Burning Palms Walk in the Royal National Park.

This is a stunning coastal walk that ticks all the boxes. It heads up the south coast line along the beautiful beaches, charming cottages and lush greenery.

See our Garie To Burning Palms Walk Article >>>

It’s two and a half hours, 850 calories, 12,000 steps, and 9 kilometres.

Like all bush walking trails, it is vital that we keep this track maintained and preserved for future generations to be able to experience.

Here’s what some locals have to say about this track:

“The track today is approximately 10 kilometres and super hilly. It’s a really beautiful track or rolling headlands...rolling down past the era historical cottages, down into burning palms on the beach.”

The hike involving a break with the yoga and meditation is just wonderful. It just calms you right down, and the challenge of those hills today is amazing. But we got through it and it was really great.”

“The views are fantastic. The scenery is just beautiful, being with a bunch of like-minded people on a hike that offers that physical challenge but also gives you that mental reward to get through it to the end. It’s really, really rewarding.” 


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