Shire’s newest aerial fitness studio takes off on Saturday!

Tucked away behind a doorway on an industrial estate in Caringbah, surrounded by cranes and construction is a little haven of peace.  Enter a beautifully styled hall and make your way up the stairs to a bright, light, white room.  Around the edges are mirrors as is the norm in yoga studios, mats rolled up to one side and a sense of peace and calm.

Dangling from the ceiling are incredible hammocks, inviting you to come and play.

This is The Gravity Room, Sutherland Shire’s first aerial studio.  Here you can enjoy a range of exercise classes to work your mind and body, all whilst using a hammock to support your movements.

Each hammock has been tried and tested to hold 500kg of weight.  So, despite some reluctance to lean in, it is essential to trust and completely surrender yourself into it.

The Gravity Room is a labour of love for Tayla Pagliuca who owns and manages the studio.  After falling ill with glandular fever and chronic fatigue resulting in a corporate career break, Tayla re-evaluated, deciding that she wanted to do something she was passionate about.

“We spend so much of our childhood years upside down on the swings or the monkey bars, and we all enjoy it as kids.  It’s normal and natural.  But then we get to an age where we kind of stop,” says Tayla. “My vision is that it [The Gravity Room] will be a place that you can become a kid again.”

A playground of wellbeing for adults.

Tayla was hooked from the moment she began aerial yoga and has found that this calming practice has helped her back and shoulder pain, as well as anxiety.  “There’s so many benefits with it.  It decompresses your spine, creates space, lengthens and realigns you.  It produces a natural serotine, the happy hormone, which makes you feel good.  You even get a little facial from the blood vessels as the blood rushes to your face.”

They don’t officially open until Monday 8th April and will be holding a launch party on Saturday 6th; but in the meantime, Tayla has been offering beginner sampler sessions to give us a taste of what’s to come.

She urges that anyone can get involved; they just need to be open minded and willing to give it a shot.  Being familiar and trusting your hammock is an essential.  She finds this type of exercise is welcoming for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the gym, preferring low impact body weight exercise.  On the other end of the spectrum, she says, it can also be for people who go to the gym five days a week, lifting weights, and just want a really good stretch.

With a team of 6 instructors, The Gravity Room offers a range of classes, depending on your needs; Aerial pilates is fast paced and concentrates on your core; aerial yoga includes meditation and yoga poses.  Core and stretch classes make use of the hammocks and a mat; whilst a cardio-based fit class offers high intensity and low impact for people who don’t want to be jumping or running.  She also has beginners’ classes.

Tayla also has various membership and pack options.  Why not check it out on Saturday 6th April from 1pm until 4pm.  There will be hammock demos, a live DJ, Lululemon, Wilde Collective Oils, discounts, prizes & competitions.  Plus get a free class!

The Gravity Room can be contacted via their social media on Facebook or Instagram as well as online.

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