Social Media Success with National Achievers Congress

Members of the Shire Talk team joined with 5,500 people who attended the National Achievers 2019 Congress Global Tour in Sydney last week. The main guest speakers were Gary Vaynerchuk (serial entrepreneur, 5x best selling author, chairman of Vaynerx and CEO of Vaynermedia) and Grant Cardone (world’s number 1 sales trainer, best selling author, international speaker and entrepreneur).

Gary said we live in a time of opportunity and that entrepreneurs and every business should be making quality content. “It doesn’t matter what you are doing, unless you have the attention of the people and articulate what you want them to do with it,” Gary said. “There is an enormous need to make compelling content. The internet shrinks the value of everything except communication,” he said. 

Gary suggested that empathy and being selfless, giving value to potential customers, before they are actually customers, was the key to real entrepreneurial success online. 


“What I do is I give value.”  “You can’t post the same picture on different platforms and get the same result,” Gary said. 

For businesses, Gary had three main suggestions.

“If you are capable of creating a podcast about your passion, do so. Film it while you create it, and you have video content. Transcribe it and you have written content,” he said. 


Gary’s second suggestion was to use Linked In and post four or five times a day. “LinkedIn is acting more like Facebook in 2011, with unlimited content,” he said. 


His third top was to use influencer marketing. 

“Go for small influencers with a good, solid network of influence. people who influence 3500 people really connect with those people, so a recommendation from this sort of influencer will be more likely to convert to a sale,” he said.

Gary spoke last and spent a long time answering questions from the audience, including one from Shire Talk member, Sam Oliveri. “It was such an honour, I was shaking,” Sam said afterwards.

Grant Cardone spoke earlier in the day about how to 10x anything in your life

“Money that is not used is useless,so don’t keep your money in the bank, invest in yourself (education and self improvement), then into your business, then into other investments that provide cash flow,” he said.


Grant said that super successful people spend money to buy time, so they can achieve more. The concept here is to pay others to do tasks that free up your time for better things that will bring you money or family time.


On social media, Grant’s advice was to cast the biggest net possible.

“Marketing is senior to sales. The ROI on nobody knows me is none,” he said. 

“Go wide with the top of your funnels to get the people in. The best known always beats the best – that’s why Cola Cola wins,” Grant said. 

Another speaker was Kerwin Rae, Australia’s leading business strategist, who is a social media guru. 


“With over 16 million Australians on Facebook alone, one of the most important things you can be doing for your business right now is to become an absolute champion on social media,” Kerwin said. 


“Facebook is a lot more about video. Always create content that has the potential to get shared,” he said.


When dealing with any social media, Kerwin said the key was to build relationships. “The goal is understanding the social side of the relationship,” he said. 


“The old school was to promote directly with special offers and downloads, but now, th key to social media success is to publish native video content, amplify popular content with Facebook ads and retarget the people who view the first content with more content,” he said.


Kerwin shared a six step process for getting a SQAW -Segmented Qualified Audience with Warm leads. He starts with a broad general interest video, and then encourages people to look at a second video that is more business specific, etc. Eventually he funnels the SQAW through another engagement funnel that leads to the sales call to action. 


Kerwin also shared some Instagram tips. 

“Only 20 per cent of people reply to a comment on their Instagram post, but the engagement that comes from that reply leads to conversion.”

“Instead of loading your post with 30 hash tags, use five at a time of your top 30 hash tags to the bottom of the post caption,” he said. 

“Reply and heart to comments quickly and you’ll build a relationship with connections that naturally lead to sales,” he said. 

If all of the social media mentioned here seems a bit overwhelming, Shire Talk can help you. We have social media packages that enable us to provide and post content for your business, so you can stay on top online, and focus on running your business. For more information on how Shire Talk can help your business with social media, send us an EMAIL at or visit our website >> HERE.

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