Love Yourself – #SorryNoMore with Amy Maree from The Bridal Bar

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In this week’s episode of Shire Talk TV, we visit Sutherland Shire’s Number 1 beauty salon – The Bridal Bar.

LADIES, it’s time to stop apologising.

As Sutherland Shire’s Number 1 Beauty Salon, The Bridal Bar decided to open the eyes of the community and show that Beauty and self-love is not about Vanity.

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They launched their #SorryNoMore body positivity campaign after owner Amy Maree noticed her clients kept saying sorry, as an initial reaction before every single service

– they would say sorry for their appearance, be it their faces or bodies when they came in for treatments.

History of The Ultimate Beauty Hub

Established in 2015, The Bridal Bar is a place for woman to get all their Beauty and Hair needs met, under one roof, to save you driving from Place to Place.

With off-street parking and a team of professionals, TBB is designed to allow woman to get multiple services done in one session.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Amy Maree

The Bridal Bar got its Name after Creative Director had serviced brides for over a decade (Makeup and Tanning) and saw the special treatment Brides received in the lead up to their wedding and decided it was time to have a Beauty Salon that treated EVERYONE like a bride no matter what the occasion.

For more information about The Bridal Bar or call 9538 2256

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