Sylvania Local Trianda Jubian finds success renting backyard pool for up to $80/hr

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Have you heard of Swimply? It's been dubbed the "AirBnB" for hiring out your backyard pool. Shire locals are no strangers to renting out their spare rooms, cars and even car parks.

But now they’re also renting out their pools... and making good money too!

Local Sylvania resident Trianda Jubian is among the growing number of homeowners who are renting out their backyards as the cost-of-living skyrockets.

Locals like Trianda Jubian are renting out their pools as the cost of living skyrockets. (Source: Supplied)

Trianda’s Sydney pool is listed on pool-sharing platform Swimply and she said the extra cash has helped her cover her pool maintenance costs.

The Pool's Story Unveiled

The genesis of this pool venture traces back to Trianda's dedication to maintaining an impeccable pool setting. 

Recognizing the pool's underutilization, especially during off-peak seasons, Trianda made the astute decision to collaborate with Swimply, a decision that gained widespread attention when the pool was featured on Morning 7 Sunrise for Swimply's Australian launch.

The Journey to Passion and Hospitality

Trianda's passion for sharing this slice of paradise stemmed from a desire to offer others the chance to revel in the beauty of the meticulously cared-for pool area.

Drawing inspiration from Europe's culture of exquisite outdoor pool bar parties nestled along the Mediterranean shores, Trianda aimed to infuse a touch of that allure into the pool space, fostering a haven for unique aquatic gatherings in Sydney.

“What we are hearing from hosts is that Swimply is a great way for them to offset their mortgage. From a guest point of view, we are seeing that Swimply is a cost-effective way for folks to go out and have fun and escape locally.”

Swimply Managing Director - Sam Mcdonagh

Unique Offerings and Distinctive Charm

What sets Sylvania Private Pool Swimply apart is its enchanting ambiance reminiscent of Tuscany's allure, creating an ethereal atmosphere for visitors seeking an exclusive escape.

The strategic layout ensures accessibility for guests while safeguarding the privacy of both visitors and homeowners, fostering an atmosphere of complete seclusion and tranquility.

Unmatched Excellence in Service

The hallmark of Sylvania Private Pool Swimply lies in its unparalleled service.

Each booking guarantees meticulous preparation; the landscaped area is meticulously groomed, and the pool water is diligently balanced and maintained by expert professionals.

Trianda's personalized touch extends to warmly welcoming guests, addressing essential details, and ensuring seamless assistance throughout their stay, emphasizing availability for any needs that may arise.

Shire Rewards: A Gateway to Exclusive Offers

As part of the Shire Rewards program, the Sylvania Private Pool extends an enticing offer to its patrons: an additional hour added to their booking for FREE.

This exclusive deal not only prolongs the aquatic experience but also allows guests to delve deeper into the tranquility and luxury of this private pool paradise, making it an irresistible opportunity for first-time visitors.

Crafting a Unique Pool Experience

Trianda's venture isn't just about renting a pool; it's an invitation to immerse oneself in an unparalleled aquatic escapade.

 With careful attention to detail and a commitment to delivering excellence, the Sylvania Private Pool promises an unmatched blend of luxury, privacy, and personalized hospitality.

A Vision of Exclusive Pool Hosting

This venture epitomizes Trianda's vision of offering a premium pool hosting experience in Sydney. 

I get bookings once a week, but during school holidays it was about two or three a week. But it varies by the weather. I’ve had bookings for birthday parties, a photo shoot and on public holidays like Australia Day and New Years. It’s quite popular.”

As the pool continues to evolve as a sought-after venue for exclusive events, Trianda remains dedicated to enhancing its offerings while preserving the values that define this exceptional destination.

Experience the Private Pool Bliss

For those seeking an extraordinary pool escapade, Sylvania Private Pool Swimply is the ultimate destination. 

Sign up for Shire Rewards and relish an additional hour on your initial booking—an exclusive chance to immerse yourself in a haven of tranquility and unmatched aquatic luxury.

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