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Building your new home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, not just in monetary terms, but also your time and lifestyle/living arrangements.

What most people learn shortly after commencing their first new home or renovation is that there is a lot more to building than just construction.

There are a lot of moving parts; selections, budgets, compliance, scheduling, subcontractors, neighbours, procurement, deliveries, management & monitoring – the list is endless.

Providing a quality product goes without saying and just like all the good restaurants available, to say Tass Construction Group are the only builders in the Sutherland Shire producing high quality builds would be a lie. 

However, when it comes to quality and trust .... the proof is in the pudding. 

We’re not just providing a high-end product to our clients. We measure the success of a project based on the seamless and enjoyable experience that our clients have had, as much as we do on the quality of our finishes."

If you've ever been involved with a build before, you will know, that when all is said and done, and it's tools down for the final time...

...the experience you have with the process is usually met with either negative or positive emotions. 

Who Is Tass Construction Group?

Tass Construction Group offer design & construct services or if you already have plans, they can provide guidance and quote from these too.

We are the company changing the stigma around building. Our specialty is custom new builds & high-end renovations in the beautiful suburbs of Sydney. For us, the perfect product just isn’t enough. Our clients deserve much more than that."

Equipped with a new-age style spearheaded with innovation & creativity, TCG like to push the boundaries by straying from traditional methods and exploring the use of new technologies to unlock unimaginable possibilities and transform your dream.

Anyone can make a claim on quality, but few define it. For Tass Construction Group, it's a combination of the process and the outcome.

It’s all about the bigger picture.

Sutherland Shire builders all share a common vision. Sure, they're just like any other business owner out there, they want to be successful and they want to to make their customers happy.

You're probably thinking - aren’t these guys just building houses? That may be true however, those houses turn into much, much more. 

"Our mission at Tass Construction Group is to ‘customise homes, change lifestyles & create memories Our greater purpose extends further than just building homes that we love." Says Ben.

Tass Construction Group are Accredited HIA GreenSmart Professionals and are committed to improving the environmental performance of Australia’s building industry.

TCG are working towards facilitating a change in the industry’s approach to housing & are improving best practice environmental management integration into normal building practice.

TCG are also passionate about supporting the local community, getting behind fundraisers and always try to give back where they can.

The Shire Bright Night

The Shire Bright Night is raising funds for Gus Worland’s charity Gotcha 4 Life. Proudly hosted and sponsored by Tass Construction Group.

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TCG are an active work placement host employer for local high school students and are involved in supporting charities including the Make a Wish Foundation, TradeMutt, Beyond Blue and Gotcha4Life.

Approximately 75% of people who seek help are able to improve notably, and we like to think we’re helping the much needed social and cultural shift that makes talking about mental health not only acceptable, but encouraged."

Working in a largely male dominated industry TCG are a proud supporter of fostering positive mental health. Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide and a generally the least likely to seek help.

Beyond The Build.

TCG aren’t just a company with employees, they are a group of like-minded individuals who roll out of bed each day with a smile on their face sharing a common vision to create something beautiful.

"It’s more than just building homes for us, it’s the memories, enjoyment, satisfaction & fun we have along the way together. The journey resonates with our clients just as much as it does throughout Tass Construction Group as a whole." says Ben.

TCG are proud of their team – from the ground up, they instil a culture based on trust, respect & comradery.

Meet The Team

BEN TASS | director

Ben is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. Drawing from experience in the high-end residential sector, he is driven by his passion for design and innovation.

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AARON TASS | director

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours, a Masters in Engineering Management and a Certificate IV in building and construction.

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