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As a shop that genuinely cares about your entire well-being, The Bell Jar Kurnell offers wellness regimens from head to toe. The Bell Jar is a must-visit for those who want to restore their mental and physical wellness to its peak.

A Lifestyle and Wellbeing Store With a Wonderful Motivation 

The Bell Jar is an inspired lifestyle wellness store. Julie Hall, The Bell Jar's owner, shared the roots of the shop.

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Like everyone, Julie has been fighting her battles and helping her children overcome life’s bumps. She claims her story isn't unique, and she understands many people experience similar struggles and difficult situations.

"Prior to The Bell Jar, I had been dealing with my frustrations and stress in an unhealthy manner. I soon realised, however, that this toxic approach was burning me out quickly. I needed to change course and regain control over my life"

So, it is for these reasons she’s sharing everything she has learnt about overcoming difficult situations through The Bell Jar, as she is passionate about supporting others. 

She added, "That was when I recognised the similarities between my life and the bell jar. Trying to survive every day is like being contained inside the bell jar cloche. I had to break free and create a new definition of The Bell Jar."

From Inception to Operation, The Bell Jar is a Business With a Purpose

Julie Hall redefined The Bell Jar from being a device of entrapment to a revivifying sanctuary. It’s now a place for people from all walks of life to regain their sanity and internal state of peace. 

The Bell Jar Kurnell has carefully curated every aspect of the business, from the sophisticated earthy website design to the rustic physical store in the Sutherland Shire’s sunny seaside Kurnell.

The store emits positive energy and calming vibrations to help restore its clients' physical, emotional, and mental health.

"Our mission is to create a safe space that welcomes the entire Shire community. The Bell Jar has a wide range of wellness products and daily essentials that will benefit the mind, soul, and body." - Julie.

A Mutual Trust Between Favourite Well-being Brands 

Located near the coast of Botany Bay in Kurnell, The Bell Jar presents an inviting and restful space to relax and savour the moment. The well-being store has a wide selection of carefully curated products from different brands.

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"We trust an array of lifestyle brands and commodities in the same way that they also put their trust in us. As a business that always puts its customers first, The Bell Jar takes pride in being a stockist of many trusted brands like Lux Aestiva, Perfect Potion, AT Hemp, and We are Tutti." - Julie.

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The Bell Jar Features A Compelling Curation of Wellness Goods

Julie shares The Bell Jar's wellness product line with the Shire Talk team. "We offer sustainable, high-quality skincare products, essential oils, and many health regimens. The Bell Jar also has a beautiful display of organic, life-giving potions, balms, herbal tonics, and tea infusions."

"Need I say more? The Bell Jar is complete with invigorating and restorative solutions from head to toe. Whether you're looking for natural and healthy topical products for your skin or a health-giving tonic drink, the Bell Jar Kurnell has your back." - Julie.

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Earn points and redeem exclusive deals and discounts happening from The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar Offers Holistic Healing and Therapy

Your trip down The Bell Jar's store isn’t complete without taking home aromatic candles or meditative books. 

The premium scented candles from famous brands like Mr Voss, Scents of Saudade, Southern Wild Co., and Scarlet & Grace will undoubtedly lighten the mood in any room.

To Julie, The Bell Jar symbolises hope, protection, and a serene haven. She encourages her clients to create their own meaning of The Bell Jar.

Whenever you're ready to make yours, stop by the wellbeing store at Shop 2/2-4 Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell. Visit the shop’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated with their latest promotions and products. 

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