The Secret to Always Looking Good

Image and colour consultant, Roslyn Holden, shared her secret to always looking good to a group of members of the Mums In Business Association Sutherland Shire on Monday, August 12 at a networking event. 

“The real secret to always looking your best is to select the right colours for yourself, from top to toe, “ Roslyn said. 

“This includes hair colour and make up,” she said. 


Roslyn pointed out that as you age, you change in many ways, so your style should change too, otherwise you’ll end up looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ or looking far older than you should. “I usually suggest older women go at least shade darker in their hair colours,” Roslyn said. One of the big rules is to avoid wearing black.

“People think that black is slimming, but it really isn’t. It just makes you more invisible. That’s not a colour for a confident, happy person to wear,” she said. “Select some basics for your wardrobe in neutral shades and dress them up with splashes of your right colours,” Roslyn said. “You can’t just say, I can wear blue, because there are literally thousands of blues, and some will make your skin appear sallow and others will suit you.”


Once you know your colours, it’s easy to get a whole wardrobe sorted out very quickly. “Selecting the right shade of your favourite colours is the real key to looking great,” Roslyn said. “Once you get your hair and make up in the correct colours, you can look completely stylish every day.”


Roslyn suggested being careful when buying make up.“Most women select make up that is too dark for their skin, so it sits on top, instead of bringing out your natural beauty,” she said. “I always suggest a rose colour base instead of a bronze colour base,” she said. 



As well as hearing from the guest speaker, the women at the event spent quite a lot of time chatting, building great networking relationships and discussing their best business tips, which included being true to yourself in your business, avoiding judgement and giving value to everyone because you never know when the person will become a customer or refer someone else to your business and using scheduling to help with time management. 

“Giving value to customers is always important,” MIBA coordinator, Hayley Hunkin said. 

The Mums In Business Association (MIBA) meets regularly and has online networking on Facebook. The Sutherland group is supported by Shire Talk. To find out more about the group, look for “MIBA networking Sutherland Shire” on Facebook. 


Shire Talk also has a business network that is for every local business owner or manager, and you can find that HERE.

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