The Shire’s Super Dads – Shire Talk TV – Episode 42

Who says super heroes don’t exist?

Watch this week’s episode of Shire Talk TV and find out that not all super heroes wear capes… a lot of them push prams!


Having only spent a short time in the wild world of parenthood, it was quickly clear that dads didn’t have the same amount of support or access to community based programs that our hard working mums do!


So was created ‘Dads & Co.’


A space for the purpose of providing dads of today with a forum that is safe, private, open and of course supportive for any questions or concerns that they may have about this amazing journey we’re all on!


Whether you’re a coupled, single, separated or even a soon-to-be-dad, Dads & Co. is the supportive network for you.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Shire Talk TV episode!

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