The Stress of Having An Unpredictable Day

The Problem: Each day is just too unpredictable. 


Your team needs to have a good sense of what lies ahead of their day. However, that’s easier said than done, because part of day-to-day operations is to communicate with clients that may have unexpected urgent needs. 


Maybe your ace team member is laser-focused on a fixing a billing issue for Client A. Meanwhile, he gets an urgent message from Boss B showing in his inbox.  When he spends all day juggling these competing demands, he feels less and less in control of his time. 


Effective time management is an issue facing many customer-facing team members. 73% of support professionals at large call it their “greatest obstacle at work.” The outcome is that every day, team members feel like their workload is unmanageable. 


Not having a bird’s eye view of what’s ahead of your day can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and exhaustion that builds up until they can no longer take it. 


The Solution: Plan the Unpredictable

Your team members will spend less time on edge if they know what their day would look like, even if they don’t have the specifics of what they’ll be doing. 


Here are simple steps from our Tech Tuesday Team on how to overcome this ‘unpredictability hump’. 

  1. Communicate as early and as often as possible. The sooner that your team knows about changes in a project or task, the faster they can adjust and plan accordingly. A stable schedule keeps your team focused and their day on-track.
  2. Schedule time locks for each client. This means dedicating time to get all your work done for a specific customer. This might mean designating time for adjustment of schedules, payment plans, passing messages relevant to the internal team, making calls, or sending emails. 
  3. Encourage your team to track time using Teamwork Projects.

    This tool is a great project management tool that ties up tasks, estimated time of completion, and the actual amount of time spent. When people see exactly how they spend their time on tasks, patterns can be determined. Having this data available helps leaders manage tasks and workloads. 

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