Cambridge Sydney Announce New 2022 Shire Summer Market Dates!

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One of the biggest and most popular market events for the Sutherland Shire are the end of year Christmas Markets which were set to take place on the weekend of November 27th & 28th at Seymour Shaw Oval.

Unfortunately the planned Christmas Markets were cancelled due to bad weather so we're excited to announce the first of 3 planned Sutherland Shire Market events in 2022 by Cambridge Markets Sydney.

The Sutherland Shire Summer Market is being held at Miranda Park South on the first weekend of February 2022!

The Shire Summer Market

February 5th & 6th, 10am-4pm
Miranda Park South

This is fantastic news for everyone involved. Especially the local business stall owners who rely heavily on events like this throughout the year.

These will be very special markets after the difficult year for everyone across Sydney and NSW and especially the Sutherland Shire. Now that restrictions have eased (and will continue to ease in the coming weeks) this is going to be a seriously major event in the Sutherland Shire.     

Over the years Shire Talk has partnered with many local events and has been the first choice for marketing and promotion from the amazing team behind Cambridge Markets Sydney when it comes to all their Shire events.

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Who is Shire Talk you might ask?

Shire Talk is a local News, Media and Marketing agency based in the Sutherland Shire. With more than 50,000 followers in our network across email and social, our main focus has always been to help support local business owners in the Shire and bring more awareness to their products and services.

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This year's event will see it's usual mix of high-quality boutique small businesses, up-and-coming retailers, artists, creators, makers, chefs, bakers and so much more. It will also once again be sponsored by the amazing team at Tynan Motor Group

We look forward to reengaging with our stallholders and communities this summer for a wonderful season. As an outdoor activity, markets are one of the safest retail environments possible.

The Shire Summer Market will be a strict Covid-safe event, which means that customers must check in, socially distance, wear masks, use hand sanitiser and follow NSW Health regulations.

The Summer event comes at a boom time for Cambridge Markets and Shire Residents, as shoppers increasingly look to engage with alfresco shopping experiences.

Call For Stalls

Thank you to everyone that has already applied. We will be processing applications and sending acceptances in the next two weeks. For those who haven’t yet applied for a stall, please do so now.

According to the health advice we have been given, there will be no more lockdowns after this one ends so we are very hopeful these markets will proceed.

So, if you are a high-quality Sutherland Shire small businessperson/owner, producer, maker, artist, creator, providore, importer, designer, chef or craftsperson, please make an application now via the link here.

These events are always so special and bring together the Shire community like no other event so please get involved! Plus, every year the Shire Talk promotional campaign for the market builds a huge amount of hype around the local businesses who get involved. 

This is an invaluable chance to get your products and services seen by a MASSIVE local audience not only in person during the event but also online before, during and after the event. 

Shire Talk and the Cambridge Summer Markets have the ability to amplify your brand inside the local Shire community and position your business or stall as a trusted Shire authority within your industry. If you're interested in getting involved please do by submitting an application here now

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