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Last month we launched the Takeaway Giveaway to help support local Hospitality owners during tough times and had over 1100 entries! Crazy right? Not only did we have a huge amount of entries but the amount of shares it generated around the web in the local area was insane.

The big idea behind it all was to help spread the word around town that hospo owners are doing it tough right now and they need our help more than ever.

Well, you guys definitely stepped up and we are so grateful for everyone who entered. Our message was amplified 10x!

So, are we doing it all again? HELL YEAH we are!!!

The response from local business owners was incredible. We had a ton of interest from business owners wanting to know if we were going to do it all again and I'm happy to announce that we've partnered with another Six of your favourite local cafes and restaurants who have been gracious enough to provide us with five $50 dollar food vouchers for each location to giveaway!

PLUS, a major prize from Mr liquor in Cronulla for the overall winner with the most entries. AWESOME! You can enter the giveaway here >>>

These locations include:

Not only have have they been gracious enough to give us these vouchers during some seriously tough times for hospitality owners right now, it gives us a pretty serious reason to help spread the word around town that many hospo owners are still open for business here in the Sutherland Shire and they need your help!

Now, more than ever.

So, here's how you can help. . .

Register your details here to go into the draw to win one of the five $50 dollar vouchers. Yes, there will be five separate winners and a major prize winner for MOST entries.

Following your registration will be another page that explains how you can get even more entries into the giveaway just by completing some simple tasks like sharing, commenting and tagging to help us spread the word of #SupportLocal

Even if you don't win, you'll at least be doing your part to help the local businesses involved with this giveaway gain more exposure and hopefully inform more Shire locals that takeaway, pick-up and delivery is so important for their survival right now.

See you on the inside!

... and don't forget to
>>> Register your details here

- Shire Talk Team

Cameron Laing
Marketing Director
Shire Talk

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