The Wholesome Pod – Episode 49 – Shire Talk TV

Nathan Porter is a new father, all about keeping it real. His passion for real organic food and giving back to the community is what gets him up every morning. That and his beautiful 18-month old daughter, Willow!


Having worked in the health industry for more than 10 years, he has recently opened The Wholesome Pod Café offering a tasty array of organic meals, snacks, coffee and desserts. For breakfast you might choose the Caringbah Smash or have the Vegan Burger for lunch. Something to drink? Try their Peanut Butter Pleasure Smoothie or even a Keto Coffee.


“Being a business in the Sutherland Shire means a lot to us; the people we meet, the relationships we form and the conversations we create is why we do what we do,” Nathan says. “We offer healthy food to a growing community every day! That’s our goal, that’s our focus, that’s our life!”

And now he has joined the Shire Rewards program, offering 10% cashback on all purchases made at the café. Nathan believes that it’s a fantastic way for local businesses to create awareness, an important asset to all owners and managers. “Everyone believes in their business model; Shire Rewards lets everyone know about it!”


So next time you find yourself in Caringbah, or even if you don’t – make that trip over to The Wholesome Pod at 218d Willarong Road, Caringbah.


Facebook: @thewholesomepod
Instagram: @thewholesomepodcafe

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