The Shire’s Most Trusted Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers – Here’s Why

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Totum is Latin for ‘whole’. Whole Health. We aim to improve the whole health of the individual. Not just the superficial parts – but the whole system. The whole organism. This is how a person gains true health – by improving the whole.

Totum Health are a major sponsor of Shire Talk.

Totum Health is the Sutherland Shire's premier outdoor bootcamp with a major focus on exercise physiology and personal training. Established in 2018, Totum Health has since grown to over 400 members with locations in Caringbah, Menai, Sutherland, Cronulla, Ramsgate and Kareela.

To be the number 1 provider of Group Fitness, Exercise Physiology and Personal Training in the Sutherland Shire you need to think outside the box.

– there are a lot of providers in this industry. Especially in the Shire. However, Totum Health have achieved something different.

Totum Health have recently partnered with 24/7 Gym Franchise, Plus Fitness.

Creating a unique 'one of a kind' membership that provides their members and clients with unrestricted access to all six Plus Fitness locations in the Shire.

A Team Of Highly Experienced Exercise Physiologists

Exercise Physiologists Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Cronulla, Australia

With over 20 years of experience in the Allied Health and Fitness industries, the team behind Totum Health truly understand the needs and requirements of the people that seek their help.

By maintaining a very client-centred approach at all times, Totum Heath are empowering their members to make positive changes in their life through physical activity, healthy nutrition and world class coaching and mentoring.

Their experience has shown that only through empowerment will their members be able to make these changes and sustain them long-term.

Totum Health Personal Trainers and Exercise Physiology - ShireTalk

Want To Get Started With Totum Health?

Start your fitness journey with Totum Health today. Their team has some of the Sutherland shire's most trusted exercise physiologists and personal trainers.

Discover their unique group fitness 'partner membership' which includes 24/7 access to all six Plus Fitness Gyms around the Shire.

View Services here >>>

Dealing With Mental Health

Moving beyond just the physical effects that exercise can provide – Totum Health are advocates for reducing stress and helping those who suffer with mental health issues.

Exercise can be used to treat all manner of mental health issues and conditions, with the evidence showing beyond any reasonable doubt that regular physical activity can help manage and improve your mindset.

Totum Health understand that when their members have a clear and positive mind, they achieve the goals faster, are happier, full of energy and will adhere to their fitness programs for much longer.

Reducing The Risk

It's no secret that regular exercise can help people to manage their internal issues as well. For example illnesses such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol can be all reduced through regular physical activity.

When it comes to your health, Totum believe that education is paramount to your success.

Working closely with a members doctor or Allied Health Practitioner is an important aspect of the Totum Health ecosystem. One of the great shifts in the health system over the last decade has been the growing awareness around the benefits of consistent exercise and physical activity.

These benefits extend not only to weight loss, strength improvements, pain management, heart and lung health but also to a proven reduction in all-cause mortality.

As a result of this, Private Health Insurers are including Exercise Physiology services more and more in their service offering.

Are you eligible for private health insurance benefits? Click here for more information.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

One of the most wonderful additions to our social service system has been the National Disability Insurance Scheme. For years it was either hard, or impossible, for disabled people to receive the kind of treatment that was required to allow for a full and functional life.

We are pleased to say that at Totum Health can cater to your needs, whatever your level of disability. Get started here >>>

Their team of experienced Exercise Physiologists have helped hundreds of clients through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Some of conditions that we have helped clients with includes, but is not limited to;

Get started here >>>

In many ways Totum Health are going far beyond simply being Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors.

You aren't just getting a trainer, you're getting a coach.

A Coach of health. A Coach of fitness. A Coach of life. Totum Health are committed to helping you to manage whatever part of your life that you feel that you need help with and are looking forward to walking down that path with you.

See Testimonials from some of their clients here >>>

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