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Who is AllBids? Why You Should Check Out Their Latest Auction

AllBids is a local auction house located in Caringbah, Australia, that has been providing auction services to the community for years. Recently, they have launched a new auction offering a wide range of new and used industrial equipment, machinery, and transport. As Australia's trusted site for unique auctions, AllBids is the perfect place for businesses and individuals to find high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

One of the benefits of using AllBids for purchasing industrial equipment is that they offer a diverse range of products. They cater to a wide range of industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing, among others. AllBids also ensures that their listings feature products from trusted and reputable brands. This ensures that buyers can be confident in the quality of their purchases.

One of the benefits of purchasing from an auction is the ability to acquire items at competitive prices. AllBids is no exception, and buyers can expect to find items priced below market value. This is especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals who are looking for high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

In addition to purchasing equipment, AllBids also offers a platform for businesses and individuals to sell their unused or surplus equipment. This is an excellent opportunity for sellers to reach a wider audience and maximize their profits. AllBids' team of professionals can assist sellers in valuing their equipment, creating listings, and managing the auction process.

In conclusion, AllBids is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality industrial equipment, machinery, and transport. Their wide range of products, competitive prices, and user-friendly platform make them a go-to destination for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, AllBids' exceptional service ensures a successful transaction.

Own Well Looked After Transport and Machinery

A unique opportunity has popped up this week for Shire residents interested in owning Industrial and Construction equipment.

Shire Talk major sponsors are auctioning off a collection of Transport and Machinery items which includes Shipping Containers, Crawler Loaders, Generators, Forklifts and more.

You can check out the full auction page here.

Machinery can be quite expensive to purchase brand new. AllBids have released items that are unused and in perfect condition, bidding ends tomorrow 14th of March at 8:30pm. You may be able to pick up a great deal.

20ft Shipping Container - 2154369 22GI

20ft Shipping Container with Single Ended, Double Doors, a Functioning Locking System, Ply Flooring. Internal Dimensions 2390mm (H) x 2320mm (W) x 5830mm (L)

You can find out more information and start bidding on this Shipping Container here!

Snorkel UL25 Push-Around Mast Lift

This item has been certified that it was operating normally until it was decommissioned.

  • Maximum Platform Height: 7.62 Metres
  • Maximum Platform Load: 159kg

Bids are currently sitting at $1,330 want to pick this up? Start bidding here.

Hyster H60F Forklift (2685kg SWL)

Located in Taren Point this item is a steal with current bids sitting at $525.

  • Maximum Lift Height: 3415mm
  • Tine Length: 1070
  • Load Centre: 600mm

Start bidding on this Hyster Forklift here.

05/2009 Iveco Eurocargo Ml160E Cabover Curtainside Pantech Truck 5.9L Diesel

The 2009 Iveco Eurocargo ML160E is a medium-duty truck designed for commercial use. It is commonly used for transporting goods and cargo across short to medium distances. The "ML" in the model name stands for "medium-long," indicating that this model has a medium to long wheelbase.

Bids are sitting at only $1,000 now thats a bargain, get in before it's too late. You can bid here.

KOBOLT KF3500 Rough Terrain Forklift - UNUSED

This item is listed as unused. These items may have been used by manufacturers or distributors for display, demonstration or promotional purposes.

You can find out more information and specifications here.

2022 Portable Doubler Toilet Block - UNUSED

Now this is the perfect thing to have on site, a double toilet block unused. Some of the great features include

  • Toilet Dual Flush
  • Hand Wash Basin
  • Toilet Roll Holders
  • Toilet Brush and Wall Mounted Holder
  • Exhaust Fan, Internal Ceiling Light and Light Switch

Start bidding on this toilet block here >>

2021 KOBOLT KB42 Silenced 40kVA Generator - UNUSED

These items may have been used by manufacturers or distributors for display, demonstration or promotional purposes.

  • 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Emergency Stop
  • Single & 3 Phase Outlets
  • Fork Pockets

Find out more and start bidding here >>

06/2007 Mitsubishi FV500 Skip Bin Truck White 6.4L Diesel

This truck has some great features and the bids currently sit at $305. Inspections by Appointment only, contact

  • Bogey drive
  • Runs well
  • Hydraulics good
  • 3 seats
  • Recent respray
  • Air conditioned

Start bidding on this truck here >>

Australia's Trusted Home Of Unique Online Auctions

You can check out the full auction page here on the AllBids website. Happy Bidding!

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