Welcome To The Wellness Hotel, The Shire’s Sanctuary For The Body And Mind

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Who knew that in our Shire community there is an oasis where one's wellness can be boosted and their mind can be soothed.

The Wellness Hotel in Bangor is a retreat that strips stress from the body through a variety of treatments that help one relax, heal and recover.

Just some of the exclusive services the hotel offers are floatation therapy, hot yoga, hydro infrared steam pods, hot oil massages, oxygen chambers, ice baths and more.

"Welcome to the Wellness Hotel. A place to lose the stress and embrace the essence of being."

Founder, Kate Karpenko

Wellness Hotel Founder

Former police officer, Kate Karpenko, battled with anxiety, depression and stress after witnessing daily trauma as a first hand responder.

"I wanted to create the sensations of deep relaxation and escape, so that the ‘getaway weekend’ could be every day. Because stress is a part of every day."

She grew a love for meditation and yoga, where she could relieve her mind and begin a healing process. She went on to open her own yoga studio and soon visioned opening a wellness retreat.

"I often watched people roll up their yoga mat after class and make jokes about “back to the daily grind” and further seeing this tremendous stress in their faces. I knew then that a one-hour class was not going to cut it for some.

Flash forward to now, Kate turned her vision into a reality with hard work and study, she's also a proud mum of four and has been married for 22 years.

I am a lifelong student and will remain committed to studying therapies to support my clients in their journey to heal, transform and expand to live the fullest life possible.


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The Wellness Hotel Services

The Wellness Hotel welcomes anyone through its doors who needs to treat themselves to some much needed me time. With such a diverse range of treatments available you are sure to find something perfect for you!

Here are just some of the popular treatments available that our Shire locals simply can't get enough of.

Flotation Therapy

Clients can book in for a highly relaxing flotation therapy session where the room echos with soft ambient music and the ceiling has star lights to create a peaceful scene.

The water is heated to your body temperature and you'll feel a calming buoyancy due to the mineral salts.

Ice Baths

An ice baths are also available from The Wellness Hotel and help flush toxins from the body.

If you struggle falling asleep this may be just the service for you as the nervous system gets a work out in the ice and your central nervous system de-regulates itself.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

The Ayurvedic Oil Massage is popular among customers at it maintains the growth and development of internal organs and is known to be helpful for sleep disorders.

Not to mention it's also extremely relaxing. This massage can also boost the body's immunity levels.

Infrared Sauna Salt Cabins

Infrared Sauna Salt Cabins have the unique ability to clean the airways, or the mucus membranes of the respiratory system. 

Salt bricks iodise with the increasing temperature inside the cabin and salt particles act as a brush to thin out mucus. This makes it easier for the body to expel pathogens and trapped debris.

Unique Classes For All

As well as treatments they're are also a variety of classes clients can also attend to boost their own wellbeing.

The 'Aerial Stretch and Ice Bath Class' consists of a small group session with up to six people. The class is guided through hammock functional movement sessions with a PT and the class ends with an ice bath and sauna to really relax the muscles.

"This is your time to receive mental nourishment, personal space and enchantment, relaxing to healing techniques, and traditional wellness practices of Eastern and Western philosophies".

The Yin Yoga/ Meditation Class allows participants to create nourishing shapes with the body and hold them whilst breathing intelligently. This class can help to steady the mind and allow one to concentrate on healing their body while tuning into their body and mind.

Meditation Class allows participants to learn how to transcend and go beyond their physical form, mental form and even your emotional form. The critical thinking state will become unlocked during this class and a new level of relaxation will be met.

Don't forget about the kids! The Wellness Hotel even offers a Kids Aerial Workshop where young ones are introduced to acrobatics and will be professionally instructed along the way. This class is perfect for the upcoming school holidays too!

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Wellness Hotel Events

The Shire-based oasis is set to host an 'Open Day' this May 21st from 10am til 4pm. Locals are invited to experience the hotels' saunas and try the aerial yoga hammocks for FREE!

You can even get yourself a Special Pass Card on the day at a heavily discounted price.

To check out The Wellness Hotel's other upcoming events visit their website.

Find Yourself Again

Our mind can be distorted daily depending on our lifestyle, diet and our environment in which we work, as well as our emotions and thoughts.

"I Highly recommend a visit and I can't wait to return!"

Client, Sally

The team at The Wellness Hotel empowering and encourage each individual who walks through the door to feel comfortable to rediscover themselves and to take control of their own wellbeing.

So, why not visit the hotel to unlock the potential inside yourself and open the door to an array of health benefits waiting for you!

Contact The Wellness Hotel

Email: www.wellnesshotel.com.au
Location: 121 Yala Rd Shops 13 & 14, Bangor
Phone: 9541 0341
Opening Hours: Mon 9am- 7pm, Tues 9am- 4pm, Wed 9am- 9pm, Thurs 9.30am- 9pm, Fri 9am- 4pm, Sat 5am- 12pm, Sun 7am- 3pm
Socials: Instagram Facebook

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